The Field of Tantra Maat

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Meet Tantra in Ireland with Anne

Did you make a pact in the distant past to walk again on this Sacred land now named Ireland?

Did you promise your clans and allies you would, in future time, rally to move together into the greater whole of that which we are all a part? 

Do you hear that you are part of a pilgrimage that has to be honoured in the now?

If so, Tantra Maat and Anne Tyrrell invite you to walk with us as we progress around Ireland, reconciling past, present and future, answering an ancient call to meet in this potent time within time.  You may be called to one stop, many or all.  Each will have its significance. 

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I am a Field Being, being a Field.

That field is the Field of Tantra Maat

What does that mean?

A Field is an energetic dynamic that can be harnessed and made into physical form. A Field Being is someone who has learned to consciously operate within Field Phenomenon in line with the principles of Creation.

The Field of Tantra Maat is a field based on what connects us to life and has us exist as whole – constituting the principles of Unity, Empathy and Harmony.


What My Astrologer Has To Say About Me

This is my astrological reading by Claudia Johnson which was recorded on April 5th, 2015

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“We not only carry within us an accurate sense of Self when we are what we are… we carry capabilities, skills, and powers that are inherent with what we are  AND the field (quantum field) of which we are a unique and essential part”

– Tantra Maat


Let Me Help You Have What Matters To You In Your Life.

Very soon I am going to Damanhur, in Italy to work in the Temples of Humankind. I will be doing a very specific activity of conscious unity, that activity is so I can anchor into your reality the things that REALLY matter to You.



Tantra Maat




An Irish Tale of a Modern Mystic

Read about my transformative journey in Ireland.

Online Learning Community

We don’t just teach methodology we teach ‘Living Practices’.

Living Social Culture

Our culture is based on unity, empathy & harmony. Within this culture we create ‘technologies’ of consciousness.

A Space of Wholeness

We have created a safe, trusted space where our community learn to transmute trauma to re-member their inherent wholeness.


Re-connect with who you truly are; learn through community to create with Self and with the world around you.


Build your strength, stamina and capacity for life.


Shift the fear, confusion and uncertainty that may be holding you back from consciously creating your life.


Emerge from confusion and uncertainty to clarity and intuitive flow.


Changing life-defeating thinking to life-enhancing thinking.

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