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“For over half a century I have changed the work to meet the times. My participation in life is to mature a human being’s consciousness so that he or she or they can operate, as a human being was designed to be: in unity with Creation.
Never has this need been greater. Who we are now decides, not only how we experience Life in the near future, but also if part of this beautiful species designed to be an exquisite expression of Creation can flourish.
I just completed a 6-year lab of consciousness work with a global group of people that was beyond successful in developing their strength, stamina, and capacity to be able to be who they are designed to be during these times. Others have been doing other work and now there are those coalescing for seven months beginning June 2020 to work within the Mind of Creation on behalf of all Life. [more information to follow]
Are you among them?”





Restoring G.O.D. Matrixes

A Journey Of Discovery And Reunion

Each of us is unique and essential to creation. Each of us carries a Living Field of Creation that is sculpted by multi-dimensional, multi-intelligent, multi-sensory Generating Organizing Designs of Creation. There are many G.O.D.s of Creation. In the treachery of ignorance this phenomenon of all existence has been lost to humankind and relegated and boxed in to only a few participants who often seek to dominate others with their ‘Only Truth’.

Our Primordial Earth whose body we are made of and whose systems we reflect has no room for G.O.D.s that seek to dominate all life here and destroy the magic of what human beings are designed to be individually, with each other, and will all Life. We must persist individually and collectively to reconnect to these amazing forces of Creation that we once related to with grace and ease before they were aberrated into the broken matrices of separation.

There is a Realm of G.O.D.s [Generating Organizing Designs of Creation] that are not designed to separate human beings from themselves, others, and Life. I call these Realms of The Beloveds. These are the Greater Kingdoms that are not aberrated by the need to separate, dominate, conquer, and destroy everything but themselves. Not that I can give them names, but I do know that every human being I have ever met is looking for these greater kingdom…these kingdoms that love Life in all its expressions and designs; these realms that awaken in us in our tenderness, our compassion, our joy, our freedom to be. And yes some of them have names and their points of origin are exquisite before their power was used here to destroy. In that moment that their power and beauty of their presence was used to destroy, the essence of these realms receded leaving only a ghost of themselves that haunts humanity with a virulent fervor of hate and fear. What human beings do not realize is these power of Creation came here to be used to give life, not destroy it. These powers of Creation still live in the Template of human beings that seek to operate on behalf of All Life, not destroy it; to be in harmony with themselves, to be in unity with others; and to not only remember paradise that existed in these realm but restore those matrixes here…not by trying to do something with human being but by being in the alchemy of their unity their own G.O.D.s of Creation that could affectionately be termed their realms of the beloveds.

Each of you has your own unique and essential relationship to multiple Generating Organizing Design of Creation. Your Quantum Mind has the ability to restore your Mind of Creation that operates in power, expression, and unity with your G.O.D.s of Creation.

That is all there is to do now is to Awaken Your Being. Your Being experiences Existence and connects into the multidimensional, multi-intelligent, multi-sensory generating organizing design of creation of which you are a part.

The adage, “Faith can move mountains” is real. Faith in what? When you took the original nature of your design, you are not alone there. You are part of where

Life reflects upon Itself

Gaining awareness and recognition of Itself

Through its multidimensional


multi-sensory system

Often referred to as a human being.

June to December for seven months, I will be supporting you in Building G.O.D. Matrices within which your memory that has its own remembrance is restored. In that restoration is your own G.O.D. territories. Therein lays a faith that rises because without need for evidence, because you are part of it and it is part of you, you know it is real.

Those ‘reals’ move mountains.

And…you came here as a powerful expression of that, of which, you are a part and, of which, that which is a part of you..

The So above/so below of what a human being was designed to be

You are part of your G.O.D.[s] and it/they is a part of you.

You operate on behalf of your G.O.D.[s] and it/they operate on behalf of you.

This is your territory of Creation and because of you that territory has a place.