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  1. Praline Toich
    7th June 2022 @ 3:02 am

    Attached below is the transcript of the two voice recordings from your blog
    2022.05.31. What is it to exist in the underpinnings of reality?  … your first thoughts and your second thoughts.
    I enjoyed reading what you said, as on a call prior to your blog,  I had mentioned to a group (I think Sarah was present) that I was starting to operate from an innate inner silence / knowing / space which did not operate through the perception of ideologies, morality, ethics, beliefs.  Rather operating / in action … in the moment what is called for.  And flexibility was the disposition to embody. 
    You called it “the moral high ground mindset” … I am inclined to name it ‘old paradigm thinking’ or ‘old perception thinking’.  And what is rising is something new, transparent in the moment, unhindered by previous thought patternings; and sometimes initially appears contra-indicative; yet in retrospect the perfection and purity, of the moment, is apparent.  The magic and intimacy of being one with Creation. 

    With you in saying “NO!” to thought patterns that separate us – from ourselves, from others, from the natural environment around us.  

    Praline Toich

    My first thoughts 02.27mins

    Carol & I were talking about this last night. I am gong to post a video.
    Everything our mind is structured to do is about something outside of ourselves; not something we are a part of. Like C hasn’t been vaccinated and I have. What I recognize in C is what she is part of and how life and she are in unity with one other. And what she sees in me is how life and I are in unity with one another. So, this thing about birds outside ourselves that we have a moral and ethic relationship with, for me, is part of realities of separation and how our mindsets have learnt to organize around that separation state.
    But truthfully C’s relationship with the birds and my relationship with the birds. And we each design our own parameters of engagement and our own intimate relationships. They aren’t something out there. There is something like my children. I am with my dog different than C is with her dog, because it is the relational field, not the moral or ethical realm that somehow has been considered something like a high bar, but it is not. Because there is no feel of the intimacy of direct link, the intimacy of direct experience. It is all these moral, or ethical and rational concepts that actually keep us separate from our direct union with life itself. So that is the first part.
    The second part is, I am going to share personal, I will send something I said from another thread. There is this way periodically life comes together with me from the greater powers and forces of creation. And in that I do actually feel like a child of God, a child of a greater universe that knows how to bring the inter-relationship with a much larger spectrum of existence than the one that deals with what is the right actions with objects.

    My second thoughts 03:04mins

    I want to try to share this, because there is something that I have never been able to share that is a marker for me. And it is when I know the universe is sculpting a matrix, within which I know something can dwell. I am familiar with what it takes for me to sculpt a matrix within which coherence and cohesion can dwell. But there is kind of a personal relationship. (Kevin just brought me a ball to play with). There is something about when the universe begins to wrap itself around me in an intimate way. I also heard Claudia talk about the mask exhibit and this field state she had between the mask exhibit and my name and the parliament of the people. And I said that in my vision it had been the parliament of the forms.
    And then within the next week I get two masks. One is from Danika from Nevada City and the other one from Carol. But it was more, it wasn’t just that shallow. It was really breadth, depth, width. Because Janice and I are working on theatre, getting theatre as the substance, the unity point between human beings and the greater powers and forces of Creation. And how we could move mountains.
    But this particular mask of what they think is a Buddha, it is bigger than that. There is an intimacy between this being and I that I saw at Carole’s house. And then yesterday this intimacy of the roadrunner coming across our yard. There is this intimacy. It doesn’t happen all the time for me, but when it does, I know that back in, what I would say the realms of god; the realms of a great generating organizing design of Creation that loves me and takes care of me and of which I am a part. It is like all these bits and pieces come together. And I think my joy about this, is that it is this, it is where things are not fragmented anymore, where this fractal lies. The universe pulses with intimate care. I think that is what I want to say.


    • creation
      29th June 2022 @ 8:03 pm



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