2023.02.10. The Mother and her Forms

I did not come here to work for human beings. I came here to work for the Mother – this planet – and the original nature of the original design of her Forms – who they are when they are in unity with Life and are operationally part of all Creation. Being part of completing the last 12,000 years of human beings who became captured by those and that which does not operate in unity with all life and what has life exist as whole here has been my endeavor and a successful one and for many of us is now complete.

Now, this planet is able to reawaken some of her forms and biologically and mentally have them reidentify themselves as part of the greater whole of Creation here “the I Am of the Self”. In that, I have shifted into being that in word and deed, already that in thought.

You are welcome to join the I Magi, USA or I Magi Australia in the events at www.tantramaat.com or request to join I Magi European by emailing theoffice@tantramaatcom. I have no vested interest if you do or do not. You will be walking into that which is just now being lived in our own awareness – a story unfolding from the unknown into the known, being lived, and giving us an opportunity to awaken skills and capacities needed now. You can also come onto The Realms of the Beloved and build a matrix with me there. The activations will become pertinent to the reuniting of the planet and her Forms now.

I will be active on the Facebook Page: A Sacred Space for Rest and Courage – A Field of the Principles of the Tantra and the Ma’at. Two active etheric realms which carry the original design of the primordial female energy that formed this planet and is the foundational consciousness here.

We in the Field of Tantra Maat have known for a couple of years now that there are people who are Self-awakening and becoming Self-aware. To be able to be where who you recognize yourSelf to be, even if not cognitively capable of articulating it, is what happens when you are part of new stories unpacking with others in the Field. Not being told a story to live, but being where being part of your story and other stories are unfolding. You could say this is a new medium but it is not. It is how we began as storytelling. Everything went to shit when we were mentally deranged to only believe stories that were being forced upon our ancestors.

In the Language of Consciousness Institute, the meetings, the talks, and the opportunities restore your language of creation in the Mind of Creation. Me, I am developing skills and capacities of the Self of the original nature of the original design here that was diverse and powerful, and creative in individuated expressions – all part of a greater existence we are capable of being and sharing.

If you wish to engage with me in our shared field with Creation or work with activating yourself equal to what you are embodying, I will look forward to being with you there.