2023.06.01. This Planet and her Forms

I came here to work with this planet to reawaken with others the original nature of the original design of her Forms.

Now, this planet is able to reawaken some of her forms and biologically and mentally have them reidentify themselves as part of the greater whole of Creation here “the I Am of the Self”.

A story is unfolding from the unknown into the known, being lived, and giving us an opportunity to awaken skills and capacities needed now.

We in the Field of Tantra Maat have known for a couple of years now that there are people who are Self-awakening and becoming Self-aware. To be able to be where who you recognize yourSelf to be, even if not cognitively capable of articulating it, is what happens when you are part of new stories unpacking with others in the Field. Not being told a story to live, but being where your story is part of a new story unfolding.