Being the Source of something is not the same as Being the Cause.

This blog came from this Observing Being Creation Exercise I was writing this morning to post on Facebook Group: Generating Realities through the Creation Exercises.

O1: Observing being caught at not craving only for myself has me be present to being in the swim of re-membering that we are the sources of our existence and what we crave matters. Being present to being in the swim of remembering that we are the sources of our existence and what we crave matters has opened me up into being in the re-membering that being a source of one’s existence is different than being the cause of one’s existence. Opened up into re-member inn that being the source of one’s existence is different than being the cause of one’s existence has me be in the knowing that source base and cause base realities are both at hand.

I was writing my Observing Being Creation exercise this morning and realized what a dramatic shift is at hand for humanity when they begin to pull out of the entrapment of cause. What is cause in how human beings view themselves and others? Before this evolutionary time that we are presently in, thinking that human beings were the cause of all the trouble here was dominate. If I wasn’t at fault, someone else was for sure or some thing was. There was no say about it. You did it. You pay for it. You sleep with it. You fix it. Just feel the suffering attached to those statements. What it says about you?

My mother’s favorite yelling at me phrase was, “You are so selfish! Some day you are going to pay for it!” I was about five years old. I was so distraught in church day school one day, I asked Papa Kent, our Episcopal priest, what I could do to not be so selfish. He smiled and got out the dictionary that showed the root of a word. His two favorite books were that root of language dictionary and his bible. The root of the word selfish is -ish. -ish means of God or of Source. The Self of God or the Self of Source. Mom was telling me I was the Self of God. Just because she didn’t think it was a good thing, did not trouble me anymore. I thought it was a great thing to be. I never forgot it. It was a game changer.

Over the years, I became increasingly interested in what the difference was between being the source of something or the cause of something. For this brief conversation, a taster for you, you have to feel what I say, not try to think what I say.

To be the cause of something, you are at fault and you are the reason it is the way it is or someone else is or something else is. If you are the source of something, you are not cause but since you are experiencing what you are experiencing, you have say over your experience. This is not something you can explain, but it is something you can experience.

In the Creation Exercises, you write, ‘Craving love creates____.’ You have say whether what you say love creates for you is life enhancing or life defeating. You don’t even bother with whether you caused it to be that way or not. Believe me you did not cause love to be the way it is when it is painful and unrewarding. You were born into this problem. You did not cause it. Besides we can barely get ourselves out of a subway much less the dilemma of love we were born into. You aren’t old enough as a species to cause hardly anything. If we could, I just don’t think we would cause what separates us from ourselves, others, and life.

Since it already here, to be at the source of something is to begin to have say about it. You begin to have say over what YOU are going to source love to be. You can Crave that Love Creates Happiness for instance. To be at the source of something you live in a reality of unity with what created you. More on that later.

This is your game changer if you let it in. It means that what created you did not create you to suffer or to blame yourself or to be at fault. It is hard to think given the spiritual entrapment we were born into. It is the thinking that you are at fault that is separating you from yourself, others, and life. What if you weren’t. What if in what you were experiencing, you had say over which direction that experience took you.

You would then experience being the source of your existence. The Creation Exercises simply help repair the break between you and being able to source your life. The Solar Plexus, The Dimensional, and soon the Persona Activations simple activates that within you that can source your existence to be what you know it can be. The Tools to Thrive and the Talks are to educate you in such a way that you can be the source of your existence and return to the power of your say in your matter.  I and those of us becoming more and more part of realities of unity aren’t going anywhere. We are going to keep inviting you to what you are evolving into.

Thoughts for you to think with. I love you. Tantra Maat