Unity of Care Community Call July Invitation

Unity of Care Community Call

A Special 2-hour Telecall

Date and Time: June 4th, 2018 at 5:00 PM PST

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Being in unity with all life is an experience of such lightness and pureness it may not register with our present personalities. If there is no separation between us and them,  who are we? Can you identify the unity that courses through you? If heaven was indeed on earth, how would it manifest for you? Janice

Observing Jim’s Mind That’s Blown: the final recursion 🙂 Being aware of something else going on has me be thankful that the mind finally blew. Being thankful that the mind finally blew has me be soulfully grateful for each moment of now. Being soulfully grateful for each moment of now has me be present to life, love, and peace. Jim

We are having the Unity of Care Community Telecall on July 4th. In having the call on the 4th for those in the states and abroad, we are breathing new life into a day designed to honor and celebrate freedom.  This is synchronicity at its finest. What better way to celebrate our independence from the reality of separation we were born into then by coming together to repurpose the day. Maggie

We are in the death throes of a nightmare … the nightmare built out of the mind of separation … the one that created the illusions that gained traction and that has dominated the collective consciousness for way too long.  I think that we believe, collectively, that just because something has been “just so” for a long enough period of time, that we need to give credence to it, and to revere it, even. I feel that there are many of us who are or will discover, rather quickly, that our strength, stamina, and capacity has been there, and been there waiting for us.  The muscle needing to be built was not about bringing our ability for unity up to speed.  Rather, the muscle is/has been developed to meet who and what has been calling us.  Melissa

We are in a new paradigm, a new timeline. We, in the Spirals, have seen evidence of this even in the face of having to awaken the new registers for unity within us as we open up into the amazing experiences of reality that come with that. Tantra Maat

Join Us.

On Behalf of All Life,

Tantra Maat, Melissa, Maggie, Jim, Janice



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