I, Magi & I, Guardian At The Gate

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I, Magi & I, Guardian at the Gate

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When human beings are in a direct link with Creation, Time becomes a strong organizing factor. Because our minds are limited at the theta level of consciousness, a strong sense of getting together with Creation occurs as dates in time. I have operated this way for awhile. On a date set in Time, the Mind of Creation of which we are a part connects with us and who we are as part of Creation becomes apparent through that connection. This is how human beings once participated as part of Creation and that participation is rising again.

There is really nothing more to say than that. No matter what I say ‘about’ I, Magi and I, Guardian at the Gate, these states of Being are given names as an activity of Time with Creation. Not a personality profile, but a resonant language that calls to some and does not call to others.

The awareness and the capacity of that awareness form during our dates with time like Shasta, the Irish Vision Quests, and other dates I and others have kept with Creation.

I am at work to get this organized more systemically with other activities, but for now, I am offering these dates with Creation and Senses of Self that exist in unity with Creation.

I, Magi & I, Guardian

Nothing is more difficult for me than to speak into a reality that does not recognize the higher order of personalities that human beings once existed as and the role they played in shaping the consciousness of paradise here. In the above first paragraph, I spoke of the difficulty of the human mind at the theta level of consciousness. The theta level is considered the twilight level of consciousness where great thinkers drifted off to sleep at this level of consciousness and brought back ingenious and innovative ideas into the culture of Human Beings. In this twilight level of consciousness, we also are part of multi-dimensional realms that operate in larger patterns of awareness than the present human culture presently makes room for.

Besides the fact it just being fun to be aware of ourselves as more expanded personality systems than the girdle personalities that keep us so tightly bound to survival that we can’t explore who we are as part of the greater universe.

Enough already!

Some people are beginning to awaken into these persona capacities. I just want to make a place for the self-discovery and self-awareness available for these more expanded personas of ourselves to rise.

Everything I do in the month now is about giving a place for these States of Being that our systems are demanding we include as part of our repertoire of Self.

I was waiting to get everything organized but I forgot one thing. When you begin to operate out beyond the spectrum of reality that people are used to dealing with, it is as if you go into a black hole. This has happened so much in my life, when I went out past the edge of the imprisoned system of creation we found ourselves born into. Literally, I went invisible. No one could hear me. No one could design what I saw in the greater geometrics of our greater systems of mind. Part of me had to fit here and find a way to build bridges that let only an inkling of what lay beyond the border of what I term the reality of separation we were born into. I have been joyfully gobsmacked and lollipoped over the engagements I have been in lately as well as The Field of Tantra Maat culture that has kept being together on WhatsApp even after our formal work together was done. So many of us are out past the border. How do I know because we too can’t get visible to what we are present to and yet we feel these capabilities with no place to put them because they layout beyond the border of our present reality.


These personal bits of intelligence that are rising within us and the more expanded personas of us are seeking a place where these new ways of providing and existing can formulate.

Is that not kickbutt!

That’s my job – to give what is rising in the greater scheme of things a place. I did it with Sai Maa, a guru. I found the people who could give her a place. I have done it with many of you. Held on with you until the present reality caved enough that you could begin to rise in the higher frequencies of reality of which you are a part.

I have waited centuries for this moment of the return of Self that carries the magic of what a human being is designed to be not in the survival model of existence [survive/thrive] by the Creation model of existence where we are, as we always were, the formulation part of the fabric of existence within which the higher frequency-based personas rise.

The feeling I have is of watching you who recognize what I am saying out beyond the border wandering but not in the wilderness but in a kind of ah and wonder that you are no longer where you were. And yes, of course, the confusion of discovering where you might now be.

Wanna play!

What do you do? Invest in yourself. If you are called to I, Magi, then listen later or participate at the time in the call. If you are I, Guardian At the Gate then do the same. If you are exploring both, do the math!

I love you. I do not need to do this. I am compelled because it is up. Every person I read, I see their personas that go beyond the ones they were born into. Now to give those personas a place to self-recognize, to become self-aware, amazing.

This is up to you not me. I made the dates and established the playing field. What happens there is determined by who shows up to play.

People who joined The Spirals of Being and The Seven Levels of Consciousness know not to expect me to fill in all the blanks for you or figure out what you need. I like to work with mature people who have enough of their own mind to navigate the participation effectively. If you have a question ask me. If you have a request make it.

As my five-year-old personality would say, “Well! that’s that about that!”

Tantra Maat

aka Diane Muriel Spoden

aka I, Magi

aka I, Guardian At the Gate