If Spirit Hour is free what is the $15 for?!

I received an email this morning from a lovely woman upset that Spirit Hour had a charge. I understand her upset and why she was triggered. I wrote her back and told her that there was no charge, only the opportunity for some for an exchange.
Let’s look at tithing. This lives in Christian bones. In the Christian heritage of hundreds of years the Borgia family for instance milked the peasants with tithes to God that they used for their own political influence. There was no exchange.
The problem of money is not money but what it has been used for and against.
Now imagine that I really am a Field Being being a Field within which we connect into that which gives us life and has us exist as whole.

I’m JUST saying maybe it is true.
It is certainly the way I operate. I operate in unity with new futures rising experiencing myself as a Field Being being a Field.
Let’s look at it from there.
First of all we have Spirit Hour where we gather on behalf of our shared Spirit which is where we get the juice of creation feeding into our lives.
What better place to plant a small exchange for people who would like to do a consult with me and have them get a little bit off. Imagine we are making a small crack in the existing structures of how things are done around this place…just a small incision into the dead world of money so the light can flow in in our exchange with one another.
Mostly people will be on Spirit Hour for free, but some who want a consult and have not had one, can do a small exchange so they can receive a consult for a little less.
Can you feel the texture of preciousness that just might exist in this small measure of exchange.
I do. Come play in Spirit with me. It’s fun.
I love you,
Tantra Maat