Who is Tantra Maat to me- Guest Post

Meeting Tantra Maat was one of those defining moments in my life. My life has become defined as “before Tantra Maat” and “after Tantra Maat”. After Tantra Maat, I am living a life that is so much more than it was before. I have built my strengths and I know my purpose here on planet earth.

Before I met Tantra Maat I had most of the T- shirts that were out there. I had worked at lot on myself, processing the past and current issues, and I still found myself in a place of just surviving – hoping the right job, the right relationship, the right place to live, would put a spark into my life. There was nothing that was exciting me. I no longer cared if I lived or not. Even though I had moved into a place of deep silence, while it was pleasant, it didn’t give me access to the physical world and I was craving a connection with the physical world we live in.

I was first introduced to Tantra Maat in April of 2013. She was a guest speaker of Lucia Rene’s. Lucia had said she was one of the best seers she had ever met. Before I have even heard her speak, I had gone to her website and was so intrigued, I had signed up for a personal consult. It was in that first consult that she thought I would benefit from the Creation Exercises, which was before her book, Language of Creation, was published.

What first sparked my attention was when Tantra said she wanted to focus on strengthening our strengths, not on recovering from our weakness. That’s what I wanted to do. What were my strengths? What did I have to contribute to the world? The Creation Exercises from the Language of Creation, was the pathway. Though the exercises look simple, they follow the same natural laws that bring the non-physical into the physical realms.

When you write the exercises you get to the core nugget of what you really are wanting. You may start out thinking you want a red convertible, but what does that red convertible really represent? Maybe it really represents having a life worth living. You also get to tell truth of what you are experiencing for possibly the first time in your life.

By finding words that were resonant to me to describe the stillness that had no words, I have connected back into the physical realms. I have also created a relationship with money. I know what wealth really means to me and how it feels to me to be wealthy, even if I don’t outwardly look like I have a lot of money. And my biggest gift I have gotten from the Language of Creation, is that I have developed a relationship with the Life Force Energy that created me. I no longer feel alone. I don’t have to do all the work myself and if I fail, it’s not my fault

Sally Hummel
Teacher at The Creation Institute