Diary Entry 1 of 2 June 23rd, 2018

Diary notes:
June 23rd, 2018

Dear H.B.

Taken from a transcript from a Consult in 2013:
You ought to be able to say, “OK, I need to shift my environment.” And within three days, you’ve shifted it. And no strain on you whatsoever. You should be able to communicate in direct alignment with yourself: “I know that’s not mine to do. I’m not going to be doing that.”  It is the nature of your higher design. You are in a direct link with Creation. You are part of the greater universe. If you are not aligned with your higher design, you give energy to that which is not in alignment with Creation and it throws you. Your actual Design is your commitment to the universe because you are a unique and essential design of Creation. Your commitment is not to me or to my words. It’s not even to your children. We’re all temporary. But you came with a Huge commitment to an aspect of Creation which is aligning something down here. And we have no time now. You know, the Mayans weren’t kidding. We have no time for anything but that alignment now.”

From an email thread regarding the new book being written Mind of Creation:
On Jun 8, 2018, at 7:27 PM, Lara wrote:
In jive with the vibes of what all of you shared re: the sentient intelligence of the heart as too, the symbiosis of the inner ecosystem and Melissa’s insightful pointing towards the “metapoint of different intelligences”
On my side, what feels like pressing into the system is an awareness of the web of dragon currents or ley lines running through the Earth like a nervous system of Her’s, and the collective mindscape points of light of the field building relationship to and in commune with Her. synchronicity’s bandwidth of symbiosis between the inner and outer ecosystem and the inner earth’s multiverse on my mind.
Bless you.

6.23.18 I wrote;
Dear Lara,

I haven’t been able to read any emails for a while. I have been rushing through the currents of shifts and changes that occur when you are one with Creation. When I read the words ‘the sentient intelligence of the heart’ and the ‘symbiosis of the inner ecosystem’, I felt self-described. I feel the sentient intelligence of my heart. It is in direct alignment with the pulse of the bears, the deer, the squirrels, the stars, the movement of the wind through the trees – all in the existence of being one with all Creation. It is truly one of the most amazing awakenings I have ever had. Even when I stopped feeding my squirrels so they will not expect food anymore in the squirrel feeder when I no longer am here, there is no separation. There is a recognition of the shift in the conditions here and we are one in that.

 ‘The metapoint of different intelligences’ is no longer limited to a physical location. I can hear in my heart literally the heartbeat of their intelligence linked into the separation needed from this place that is occurring both for them and for me. They literally do not come here anymore. Then the deer. I came day before yesterday to get towels to go to the river and two deer stood on the road that headed up the drive to the house being with me. Then yesterday, when I came back from taking my brother and his wife to the airport, I had kept a banana peel. A single deer was standing almost in the same spot. I stopped and tossed the banana peel to her. She looked down at it and then up at me. Then she began to eat it. I knew that no human action separated us. That I had escaped the illusion of that. The bond of sentient intelligence between us was rock solid and that the actions I am taking are to make sure that the metapoints of shared sentient intelligence is alive and well in me.
Then you wrote “the dragon currents or ley lines running through the Earth like a nervous system of Her’s”. These currents are the nervous system of Her. I feel this nervous system bonding with our nervous system again which is part of our original design. I am not the only one. I feel it in my body. My human mind is no longer separate from the Mind of Creation in a way that I have never experienced before. I do not think it is my capacity alone. I feel her nervous system in the human system now and the connection to the sentience of many intelligences rising in the human mind. This is ‘the collective mindscape points of light’ in the field, ‘building relationship to and in commune with the with’ the Earth and the Cosmos. We have arrived at Timeless Time where unity with All Creation is restoring now. Human time will be deeply affected by this. Things that are attempting to happen ‘in time’ will slip away. Other things will come into human time from a different dimensional configuration. Many human beings will not, in this illusion of Time, be able to calculate. I will, am, and can. It is exciting to feel the ‘others in the Field’ who are moving with these ‘dragon currents’ of Earth/Cosmos Time also. This is ‘synchronicity’s bandwidth of symbiosis between the inner and outer ecosystem and the inner earth’s multiverse’ we are returning to is inside human time and affecting the human mind now. It will be interesting to see what rises with that.

Final note: I knew one day the Mind of Creation would rise from a shared mind of sentience in all living things. While I am aware that the mind of some human beings will stay locked in the narrow spectrum of ‘human only centric thinking’, I, with ‘others’, are in the rising symbiosis of this shared sentient intelligence of Creation.

Will write in another diary entry regarding what is awakening in our shared Mind of Creation regarding the body. Will post as Diary Entry 2 of 2.