2022.02.04. Post Space Encounter Activity

How I trick myself into writing is I say I will write 1000 words and I will not think about what I am writing. That usually does the trick.

Keven, my daughter’s dog, and I went to walk at Veteran’s Memorial Part first for an hour. That helped. It is fun to let him explore, and I am just along for the leash and expressively ‘the ride’. Then I went back to the house and picked up my computer and my tea and he and set out for Elena Gallegos Park area cradled in my mother mountains The Sandias. The Sandias are ridges of breasts, quiet, still, deep, and nourishing. I am vibrationally safe here not from harm but from being around people who during moments like this are still operating in the norm. I have a tendency – well beyond a tendency – to bother them, and without their meaning to, I am bothered by them. What happens to me in my communion with Creation isn’t people-centric. I go through shifts and changes to become one with Creation. It isn’t a mental massage of disconnected-from-reality thought. It is real for me.  I hardly know there is a human being present. It is just that vibrationally sounds, and movements become hyper accentuated. My nervous system is at the effect of being scathed by a sensitivity much like my nervous system being scraped by sandpaper. My multi-dimensional system is caught between the collapsed field of disharmony in the 3 D that we were born into and the vibrational orchestra of which I have become a part of.

It is simply rough in those moments.

It hasn’t happened in a long time, sounds increase in volume 1000%, and if someone is in a conversation then the energy and activity of the conversation bleed into me without my ability to shut out the cellular impact of the conversation or the person’s history or dilemma or agitation. When I have become part of Creation in whatever is occurring, then my own multi-dimensional field organizes to tend to existence in multi-dimensional manners including 3D. It is like a great playground of connection and cool. I had just never been actually in a shared space with space beings and their spaceship. My system has not yet acclimated to it in my consciousness and in my body.  But it will. It always amazes me that human beings only define reality as human and human actions and human issues. When you have your multidimensional intelligence, there just isn’t much thought about the human process only about what you are connecting in is SO MUCH MORE!

I think today if I hadn’t been in the workshop with Sandra of Quantum Bioengineering, I might have never had a cognizant ability to comprehension what was going on with me, and in that would not only stayed at the effect of it but not been able to manage it effectively which I can now.

I want to thank Elektra Porzel, the head of our Language of Consciousness Institute, for recognizing my fragility and being so perfect in her voice, her mannerisms, and her care. She is always like that for me when she realizes I am ‘in a state’. She knows that what is occurring in my normal driver personality lays beyond the interpretation of the day and has an uncanny way of operating perfectly. You feel so alone in your humanity when you are first dimensionalized in a new manner and to have someone there for your humanity as your system is regulating into a higher frequency capacity in your physical body is a gift. Thank you, Elektra, and thank you Sandra and the ‘team’.

I wish I was back in Sanctuary with Russ and Deb tending to me the way they did for years. I embodied because of them and a few others. It is what gives me the capacity to bridge between the 3D limited space a multi-dimensional human being finds themselves smothered in. And I can set up field phenomenon to have their sense of self exist beyond the broken aspects of 3D and be beautifully dimensional which is what a human being is.

You see, I came in multi-dimensional. My problem was being able to be embodied in the 3D. I am not the only one. It is good to know that are more people recognizing this about themselves now. I love to work with every human being that takes on the challenge and the gift of restoring their multi-dimensional system. It is what has me able to write in my journal what I discovered in Sandra’s workshop that had me realize what was going on with me and what I had found myself thrown into before our CreateAWorld YouTube time this morning. Thank goodness.

I told C this morning I was nervous. It is not that I am never nervous like I said to her and said on CreateAWorld. It was that I was not used to being the kind of nervous I was struggling with before the call. I also texted Elektra because we were going to work on the Introduction piece to You as the Mind of Creation book and I needed her to know I seemed to be “still shaky’ after my time with the space beings and their spaceship Monday evening. We shifted our time around so we could read through the document and also make it in time for Sandra’s workshop.

Sandra’s asked us to write down our observations while she was going through what she does as she asks us questions. I began to realize that my nervousness had a source that I did not recognize until I began to answer the questions. I realized that I had awakened into my morning with my nervous system not able to make the leap back into 3D. Usually in the past…a long time ago…I would simply become fatigued from the hyper oscillation rate but since my body is now capable of being the tuning fork of spirit and flesh, I was not fatigued. I was just nervous in a manner I could not access, and I seemed to at the effect of not being able to calm down like I usually can. I understand what it is like to feel the power of the universe move into my body and to realign beyond the 3D for what I Am as part of the universe doing what is mine to do as part of that.

I knew that somehow what was going on was associated with the three people coming on the call. They were each in the frequency fields of the two young avatars, Sandra and Matias, of whom they were going to share 2022.02.22. projects that were correlate to field building as part of the awakening up into unity process of humanity. I was just surprised to feel myself more in the vibrational frequencies of the call than in the ‘human beings sharing’ of the call.

It was about a half hour before the call when it began. All the sounds in the house became a roar, disturbing chaotic roaring vibrations permeating the walls, my body, the very molecules of matter. It was horrendous. I realized part of it was coming from a phone call going on in another room so I turned on music on my Bose soundbox as loudly as I could to create a buffer between the room I was in and the sound penetrating every atom of the house and my room. It reminded me of the feeling in the water in the mineral pool Monday night when I couldn’t find gravity. I was only atoms swirling in timeless space and all I could do was try to move and flop around until everything hopefully calmed down and I could manage space and time in the 3D effectively. This time it wasn’t gravity, it was sound and the vibratory frequencies that you sometimes are aware of when someone is sitting in a cafe talking on their cellphone as if no one else is around. Only this was a roar that I couldn’t shut out of my body, and I had to. I had to find my way to my computer and find a stillpoint that seemed unachievable, which is usually a piece of cake. Somehow, I had to make the sound stop in my office and/or find a way to break the transmission. It was all instinct. That was all I was present to. I kicked a brick holding the door open where the sound was coming from and then slammed the door. It worked. I was back in time and moving with getting on the call in a timely manner at 5 minutes before the top of the hour.

I did not realize that time was an element of the issue, and I still am not sure I can describe what I mean. I know that Time operates differently in different dimensions. That I am used to. I know that what was flipping me between dimensional time sequences was the event Monday night with the spaceship that moved between gravity time and probably black hole time. I just didn’t realize I was still in the riff of it until Sandra asked the question to the best of my ability to remember, “What is causing the chaos?” I heard myself think, “TIME!”

Then she said, “Slow down Time.” The minute she said that I realized I couldn’t. And believe me, if you know me, you know that Time and I can move together quite effectively in my ability to slow time down and shift the state of time beyond the 3D. I could be present to the agitation, no longer stimulated by sounds in the house. I had nothing but my own body and its conflict with no outside stimulation. It didn’t solve the time dimensional issue that was jarring my nervous system like a dog caught in a pool of water with a raw electrical circuit in it. So…I bonded with Sandra’s relationship with Time and basically settled in to ‘ride it out’ and hope that in doing that how she was working with us/me would solve my dilemma.

The Sandias are their beautiful watermelon right now. I snapped a picture for this journal entry.

I recognized that on the CreateAWorld event and on the Quantum Bioengineering event it had caught my eye that I would look at the computer clock and it was jerk forward several minutes as if I had been frozen in time and by looking at the clock Time jerked me back and I was aware of the linear time moving forward.

When the call ended, I realized that I was caught in time fluctuation points and that I had to help my nervous system ride it out. I really mean it when I say it has been years since I had this much of a problem. I did not have a hot tub to float in. I knew I wouldn’t make it going into the gym to get in one because any human conversation would sound so disturbing as well as so far away from what I was experiencing, like a fly disturbing the tranquility of the stillness of a pristine afternoon. My nervous system had triggered I needed to calm it down.

Caffeine… I know this sounds counterproductive…but not for me…I could now recognize the cortisol soaring responding to the amped-up nature of probably the kundalini and a few other metaphysical aspects of our nervous system we are taught to ignore or misinterpret. I had to find a way for the cortisol to complete its spike. For those of you who do not know cortisol is called a stress hormone that usually causes an increase in heart rate and blood pressure in a flight or fight response that has kept human beings alive for thousands of years…or so they say.

My heart rate was fine just like it was in the hot tub. This nervousness was happening in my energy field, in the spirit part of my body. I had to, like slamming the door and kicking the brick, I had to, jerk my spirit and my flesh back into alignment. Then my body could grab my nervous system and kick in its mechanisms to calm it. That much I knew.

Have you ever wondered – probably not – about the statement that cortisol symptoms could mean a problem with the thyroid. Did it ever occur to you that problems with your thyroid might be more related to not being able to do its function properly because the energy and matter body is not aligned? Just saying…

I have lots of proof personally that this is so …but then what present medical model would listen to me…thank goodness I do.

Before our walk, off to caffeine heaven, Keven and I went. Starbucks. Two, yes TWO, Chai Latte Grandes sat in my two cups holders as we turned back toward the Veterans’ Memorial Park for Keven to be a primordial delight moving with the earth and his instincts restoring my soul made up of matter and energy, spirit and flesh, and demonstrating earthtime…. for me badly needed. I practically gulped down the first one like someone lost in the desert with no water. The other one took pretty much the entire hour. Keven roamed and played in the snow sometimes involving me, but mostly content to be in his instincts. The cortisol spike was complete. My heart only raced a little bit, and I knew I could even take a nap if I needed to.

Instead, I grabbed my computer at the house and my noncaffeinated tea and headed for here. Keven got to move around the car exploring all the people, the sounds, and the views while I wrote.

I am complete now 2000 plus words later. I am grateful for the explorations we are doing in the return of humanity to its multidimensional spirit and flesh nature. This is my report.

over and out…