Story? Sight? Both?

When I first realized that I was indeed psychic, meaning I could see, I thought, “What does that matter?”

Being able to see is both a blessing as well as a curse. I saw the 2008 monetary crash and changed my prices and paid off my debts before it hit. I saw 911 and shared it in many of my consults with people I read from New York.

Two things have happened over the years that have had me realize the power of sight and that everyone has sight. You see it in the observing and the cravings that people write. One we have to remember we are not in a fixed universe and that we are each seeing from our direct link with Creation. Simply said, trusting our sight, gives us direction AND influences the myriad possibilities of how reality can go. There is an energy that we can call psychic eqr2csv. It is the energy of our spirit trying to come alive in our flesh and in our world.

911 was one of the two awakenings for me around sight. For at least five years before the event, every person I read who lived in New York, as I prepared for the consult, I would see the angel of death passing over the doors of the Hebrews who had put blood on their doors to protect the lives of their first born sons. I never understood why I had that vision, but often would talk to them about that September coming. The day of 911 not one of my clients, many of whom actually worked in the twin towers died or was harmed. I never had that vision before a consult again. I realized that my sight had generated an energy of protection that played out in real time.

The second thing that helped me to understand our psychic nature is our understanding of field phenomenon – that by our paying attention we can influence outcome and generate things coming into existence or not coming into existence. Moses warned the pharaoh to fill his grain containers and they escaped the famine. I saw the 2008 so was debt free when it hit.

Why am I bringing this up now? It is important to me, my spiritual responsiblitiy to inform through sight. One of three things will occur, sometimes in combination. One; By saying what I see, something becomes revealed that can be dealt with. By saying what I see, people can say what they see and in that the future is influenced by our group sight. We are informed by Creation. Third, when we see, we drive up what we want or crave reality to be. Simply, “I don’t want that.” “I do want that.” This is the energetic power of psychic energy – the energy of our spirit. We can chose and if ‘WE SEE’ that choice is not what is coming down the pike we can prepare.

I have seen this time coming for over 25 years. Why DID I entitle this blog Story? Sight? Both? Is because we as a people used to sit around the fire and share stories. These stories became part of what built our realities. We recognized those who had sight and used their sight to increase their own wisdom.

In this short blog, I have an invitation for you. Listen to those who see. It isn’t that we are right. It is where we are standing, we see from there. There are psychics who see the gloom and doom. There are psychics who see the light of heaven. Me, I see what connects us to life and has us exist as whole. In that I also see what does not.

Trust you sight and be prepared. It isn’t about whether it is the truth or not. It is that you are listening to yourself in your direct link with Creation. You know the difference. In sight, you feel connected to something. I call it sentient intelligence. When you are not in sight, you are being buffeted about by others’ opinions. I say what I see because it is mine to do. Yours is to see and increase your own wisdom and your own seeing. It will never be the same as mine. Nor mine yours. In our shared seeing and the desire for wanting or not wanting what we see, we carve out our worlds.

Sometimes, I go into what I call DreamTime and I walk in between worlds. Between the surface playing field and things that influence the surface world. These are active times for me. It is when I and others move in the energies that go against life and operate on behalf of life. Some of us are just able to do that. It is beautiful thing to know that you operate on behalf of life. It gives you strength to not only see but to participate in building fields within which that which operates on behalf of life governs. That is what we are in now.

Do you want your life to operate on behalf of life? Then do that. You will be one of the many doorways to worlds that are unity-based and love conscious. This is the best I can language it at this time. There is so much more, but until people know they are where reality plays out – inside them- they will not have the power to say. “No! Not on here where I am standing.”