2023.03.19. The Personal Self of the Beloved

Why discover who. you are as the personal self of the Beloved? Only those of you who crave your Self will probably even find your way here and then there is much more in the way to stop you. It always amazes me, including myself ten years plus ago when I and others were identified as Beloveds of Beings who were so excited to make contact. We have literally zero ability to take in how loved and excited for connection we had with the ‘Mimzys‘. That changed over the next few years when we went back and shared the same excitement like lovers who got past the awkwardness of shared intimacy and were in the delight of connection. I no longer care if people participate with me. I am busy being in love with whatever and whoever crosses my path with glitches of course in the historic identity that thinks swimming in a constant pool of love and loving is impossible.

I love the idea of just making a date with Creation like Socrates that hung out at the gas station in The Peaceful Warrior. Then I simply wait and see who shows up to talk with me. I know there are at least a few to talk with and it is not mine to know who.

We completed an entry point for developing the possibility of a place in time and space for the Realms of the Beloved to have time with us and for who we are as part of our Selves as the Beloveds have a safe place to meet with also. I shared the importance of the entry point:

  • your commonly used name must be changed by me into an avatar name you chose that you can change at any time.
  • you will not be visible. I use zoom because your image captures more particle waves than your voice and it is your image that holds you in place here in this realm of illusion, not your voice
  • you are welcome at all times to make comments or ask questions in chat until the field of the Beloveds is established and secure for vocal and perhaps visual interactions.

Required Entry Point Recording in March 2023 into Who you are as a Cosmological and Planetary Beloved…