Christmas Message

I’ve just come in from outside, we have oiled the three dragons. They are shining in the sun and clearly preening from their oily beauty.

It’s warm today. We are in between rain and snow and it’s December so we’re heading for the season of the year that many organised religions celebrate and where families celebrate their union with each other.
I wanted to make sure that I spoke to you during this time and thanked you for your commitment to your life. I wanted to thank you for being part of the movement of creation that is actually evolving into the next greater whole.
I know it’s possible to have it not look that way, I really do, and I know that we have some real challenges ahead. But I also know that we were born for these times. And the discovery and investigation, discovering what we know in our hearts to be true and that we begin to pick up on the realities within which those truths actually are manifest. This is a very significant point in our existence together, in our existence with ourselves.
2016 is the completion of quite a few years of people awakening, of people evolving. Even the body trying to evolve, still trying to evolve, still trying to become more than it was than before.
2017 begins the activity of something perhaps we could have never imagined. 2016 has set the final play for 2017 to occur.
As a mystic, a seer and a prophet, as a facilitator of consciousness, I live in profound gratitude of the people that work in the activity of consciousness with me. Because in the activity of consciousness we have the ability to move mountains, perhaps even to leap tall buildings at a single bound. The ability to live an animate life in the midst of change and chaos, in the midst of things going out of existence and coming into existence, in the midst of real honest trials in moving our culture from an isolated culture of individuals afraid of each other and ourselves, to a global culture of unity, of oneness – and we are in the throes of that. We are in the archaic, dark ages simply because we have no way to be in touch with each other. Into, probably – even in my lifetime, even though I’m 70 – we will begin to see the unifying power of the global culture operate on behalf of life.
I know this is no panacea. I even know that things could get really hard and scary in between. So stick tight. Stick tight to what you love and what loves you. Stick tight to what gives you life and has you exist as whole and don’t let yourself be hopeless, even when hopelessness floods over you.
Don’t let yourself be always sad even if sadness washes over you. We are in the thickness and the depth of change. And sometimes we fear it will go badly. But I don’t think eventually that it will – maybe even not in the beginning – maybe things are really evolving already and maybe we’ll take a little backslide and we’ll learn and we’ll evolve even more powerfully.
So this season that ends a year, – a season for celebration for many, a season of leaving the past behind and sailing newly for a future not yet known – I’m very grateful that I’ve gotten to spend it with you.
I love you.
It has been great to be human with you this lifetime and it’s always so good to be with you again.
Whatever this holiday time is for you.
Whatever this month is for you.
Do it well, it sets the stage for tomorrow.