“In 2014 and 2016, I took a lot of you with me in spirit into the Temple of Humankind at Damanhur. The purpose was for me to connect you, your family, and what matters to you into the power of the Temple. The Temple of Humankind was created to secure our divine nature on this planet so that as these destructive times became hyperactive we would be secure going through them without losing our true nature.

My going in 2017 is no accident. I have worked with the power of this planet and the cosmos beyond this lifetime and I am faithful to that and in that, I am faithful to you.

Accessing the Strength of Our Empathic Nature

On March 12th and 13th, 2017, I will be in staying in the Temple in the Abaton which is a room adjoining the Hall of Water.  The Hall of Water is dedicated to water and the feminine principal. The power of the Hall of Water gives us access to the strength of our emotional empathic nature. I always go there…to work.

There is a principle that all of us need to recognize and embrace in these chaotic, often disruptive and emotionally challenging times. We are empathic beings designed to care. When we can care and life matters, a power beyond measure can bring chaos into creations of unity.
That is why myself and others have been working with Damanhur for around three years now to be part of the bigger activities of Creation occurring.

Connecting What Matters to You into the Temple

You are welcome to make any amount of monetary donation. Upon making your donation, I will send you an email requesting information about what matters to you. You will let me know what matters to you and who and what you want me to include in my connecting you into the Temple. Once I have received your request, I will send you a time that I will be meditating upon what matters to you during the two days mentioned above and you are welcome to join me remotely. If you cannot make that time, simply knowing the time will matter.

More and more, we need to become a community of Unity demanding our needs be met. As each of us gains the consciousness of Creation to have our needs met, it will ripple out to more and more people who are not able to take the time out of their life challenges to take care of themselves. ‘We are One’ is not a useless slogan. We are One and when any of us take a stand in our lives, we take a stand for us all.  There is no less-than in Creation. Each of us is a unique and essential part of the whole.

This is an activity of conscious unity. 

By clicking or tapping on the button below you will be taken to my GoFundMe donation page where you can make a donation of any amount of your choosing. I look forward to you joining me.