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Welcome to ...CreateAWorld

We're happy to have you on this journey


CreateAWorld is for anyone who in their own way, in their own manner wants to create a world...for themselves...for others…it is that simple. We do not know what is going to happen on this show. We found ourselves in conversations that seemed to occur in a manner that others found themselves having too. It wasn’t the words….it was...hum?

We don’t know...we felt called to see what others were thinking and saying because it seemed others were present to something also but not easy to describe...seems to lay out past the present border of what can be put into words.

Tantra calls it paradise and so do others quietly not wanting to get the word caught in how the word might be interpreted. There seems to be a way of being alive that no matter age, gender, political or religious fervor, etc is that people are picking up on each in their own unique and essential way.

Over time, Tantra sees that it will begin to surface in the different areas of human life. All she could think was, “How! Let’s see what is happening! It might help create a world.”

Journey through the CreateAWorld discussions; look around, respond to what attracts you and delve as deeply as you chose into what is life-enhancing or life-generating for you. The only request of participation is to practice curiosity, empathy, and harmony. Hurrah!

The CreateAWorld TV Show seeks to apply these values and the main interviewer, Tantra Maat, built environments that hold these values. Every person she interviews reflects these values in the work they do.


Perhaps curious, you will explore with them/us and the world you crave can become the world that you live.

CreateAWorld came to life through magical means….shhhh! here we go again...a word that may not mean what you think...

Tantra engages through personal and groups with all people all over the world, every age, every occupation, every situation. The TV show came through a discovery that there was something rising everywhere. Why not give it a place?!

Through my work with my clients. Then my friends, then my children. I found some universal truths. I found that:

  • Age isn't relevant anymore, it’s a social construct that we let define us.

  • that instead of limiting our capabilities, we can instead embrace that reality is colorful and comes in all sizes and shapes.

  • that there's some kind of experience many of us are having that’s a result of not liking what we see or thinking things should be a certain way in the world—and finding them another way.

  • that we have this feeling that there's something else—there's something that humanity and each of us individually is trying to do that creates a world within our world. This work that we feel called to do is shaping an ecosystem within our present world.

  • that we're in a period of time where it's new energy, new data, new everything - so many things we can harness for change.

  • that we can come together and see what happens. See if we can Create a World that’s everything we desire.

In our hearts, we’re hearing these songs that have never been sung before.

There are these ways of being... we can't put our finger on it. Throughout history, humanity has discovered the next movement of their reality through sitting around a fire and talking through soirees in France, through people hiding out, trying to figure out what they were listening to, trying to figure out what they're paying attention to.

CreateAWorld is a spiraling out, an exploring, a discovering

Let’s take advantage that there is There's something psychologically, philosophically, spiritually, and sensorily that happens to our mental mind, our sense of self when we're in exploration and discovery and research, there's something awesome that happens.

This show was put together for research, discovery, to see what shows up. Because creation is an amazing dynamic of a human existence and a world is being created anyway

I’m Tantra Maat…


A Seer


A Mystic


A Prophetess


A Cellular Empath


A Facilitator of Consciousness

Tracking the unity [the METApoints] of spirit and flesh, matter and energy, secular and sacred, temporal and eternal has been my unrelenting without waiver focus for over 45 years.

I knew to come and do my part. “As in the way of a mystic, I heard a call...I answered. Others did too! Wanna play?!”

On Behalf of All Life,