Creation Templates

When our thought patterns change and become organized by what is life enhancing rather than by what is life-defeating our perceptions and experiences in life begin to change as well. New possibilities open up and how you meet these possibilities and the experiences you encounter shifts as you unfold into a new, more fulfilling and positive way of being in your life and in the world.

The Creation Templates have been designed to assist the brains natural ability to reorganize its neural pathways, forming new neural connections and shifting old patterns of thinking, behaviors, habits and beliefs.

The Creation Templates literally trigger your true nature; reversing any compromises you made along the way that may have had you accept anything less than living a happy and fulfilled life; they then help you to avoid making new compromises.

Working through the Creation Templates will reveal to you ways to live and share your gifts, your purpose, and to resolve issues you have, in ways that are aligned with your true nature.

They help you access how to shift your life so you can live according to or actualize what you discover about yourself and life. You will discover that life is so much more and you can have so much more input into designing your life than what you have been taught to believe.

“I was affected by trauma and lived in fear, my fear was so deep I didn’t realize how much control it had over my life. The creation templates restored me back to a place of comfort, a place of trust, a place of responding to life instead of reacting to it. VB”

The Creation Templates are one of our many life enhancing tools and practices that we teach in our programs.

Discover more about the Language of Creation Program which is part one of our Creation Template programs.

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