Monthly Dialogue Informing the Field of Creation

I truly believe that we can free ourselves from the mindsets that besot us. At the very least we must try.Tantra Maat

The last Wednesday of Each Month

What is it to Dialogue?

What is it to Inform Creation?

What I remember…

Before we were told what to think…

Before we stared at TV, IPads, and iPhones…

Before our brain capacity shrank to a numbing confusion…

We listened to each other and we dialogued.

We weren’t trying to be right or wrong. We weren’t searching for agreement.

We sat together and took time to listen to what someone had been researching and discovering on behalf of all life. We engaged with what they had to say, reflected upon the conversation, and inquired and shared.

I scheduled the dialogues monthly because in the midst of chaos, a new consciousness is rising and we need to be able to spend time in communication so our minds can expand and come into resonance with an awakening occurring during these time in many human beings.

I ask someone usually to join me to be in a raw feed conversation as if we just sat down and began to chat. I ask people to come dialogue with me who are paying attention to something profound that they are observing and that I have found people are waking into often without realizing it. Then we open up the conversation to others in the Field.

The part that is missed in our modern world is that Creation is  ALL WAYS listening. Every vibration of sound is felt and responded to by Creation. Wouldn’t it seem important to inform Creation in our dialogues that we are listening, paying attention, and engaging in the formation of new realities? That is what human beings are actually designed for – bringing consciousness into form. 

The next 3 months of Dialogue are listed below.

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