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My mission is to free Human Beings from their trauma-based realities and to create environments where Human Beings experience the ORIGINAL DESIGN that each Human Being is created to Be….

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Consults with me are a vital aspect to actualize your Original Design. They are a quickening on your path of awakening.

I am a psychic to psychics and a mystic to mystics, my consults act like a GPS for your spirit in relation to the grand cosmic design. Armed with a greater understanding of who you truly are, your life becomes much more alive and meaningful.

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There are a few different types of consults that I offer, from Prophetic to Developmental.

Oh, just your journeying to me, that was so magical for me, I felt a part of the tapestry of your own magic in fusion with mine not yet known – to our meeting here the home of where all of me are one. How you described it enriches me in a way I can’t forget. ”  – Lara –

Spirit Hour

Spirit Hour is my sacred time to honor and be immersed in Spirit. One hour on the third Sunday of every month, Spirit Hour is a free live event open to everyone. It is my gift to you and I invite you to join me. You will find me on Facebook Live during this time and the easiest way for you to stay notified is by joining me on my Facebook page – Sacred Space for Rest and Courage.


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Tantra Practitioner



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” Tantra really appeals to me because she is outside the box. She is not airy fairy and I trust her, she is real. I’ve watched things happen with her that are definitely outside the box… She brings a structure and a system into my life, it’s really worked. She is very practical.”

– Sally H –

Make a Deeper Commitment to YOU

I have created a series of developmental packages specially designed



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“That was amazing! I felt and heard and comprehended everything you spoke about. It was beautiful.  Some things will be complicated but I know and have known that for me to truly evolve things need to change. I appreciate and honour all you are and all your gifts…”

– Melissa S. –