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Get Direct Access to You

Personal consults give you a way to cut through the layers of ‘not you’ into the core of what you were majestically designed to be. My awareness supports your own awareness as you come out of dormancy into action, out of confusion into clarity, out of misunderstanding into understanding.

You awaken and align more and more with every consult you have, particularly the more you listen to your recordings…to what you came here to do, to be, to have. Not in suffering, but in the delight that you are what you are, you came to do what you came to do, and you came to be what you came to be.


Why have a Consult with Me?

“For almost half a century I have worked in the magic of a human life.” Tantra Maat

During consultations, more happens than just giving out information. I address the deeper mind and deeper wisdom that lays in the cellular memory of your original design. You awaken into your reason for being here and what the particular nature of your life is rising at the present time and into the future.

You too, on some level, are aware of what gets revealed. You just have had no access to it. I have to smile because it is why I have continued to do consults for over fifty years. Something amazing occurs. Access to what was real for you begins to surface. When what is real rises, whether a challenge or a blessing, a calm occurs. You have access to what you are and what you can do and/or what will unfold in the future under your care. Sometimes letting you know everything is okay – that is just the way life is going. As I speak with you, you experience a stronger sense of Being, stamina for what was before you, and strength of mind. The more you listen to the recording, the more access to yourself and your life you gain. There is a follow-up letter that you receive after that lets you use the consult to deepen your own awareness of yourself, your circumstances and your existence.

What I love most is an awareness of your own unique Being begins to prevail over the weakness and disorientation of the misinformation you carry that has enculturated you to be unaware of deeper nature of yourself and your life.

Tantra Maat

Types of Personal Consults

Which Personal Consult is right for you?


January 2nd-7th, 2018 is exclusively open for Personal Prophecy Readings. All other Consults will be available after that date. 


If you have not had a consult before with me then Initial Consults are where you start.
They are an hour duration, they are recorded and it is recommended that they are listened to regularly to integrate the energy. They have a very long shelf-life in that the language applies to your life unfolding far into the future.

The  Initial consult catalyzes three things: 1. By tapping into your core design, your Original Design begins to click back into place as your natural operating state. 2.Your own ability to hear yourself. 3. Your life lining up with what is yours to do, to be, to have.

Initial Consult Price: $275


Developmental Consults are offered as a follow-up from your Initial Consult with Tantra. The deep emergence in your own being that happens in unity with Tantra, during a Developmental Consult, is part of the new reality we are moving into where each person is fulfilled by their own awakening of themselves. Tantra as a cellular empath and a catalyst is a powerful resource for that.


Devel. Consult Price: $180


This Solar Plexus Activation is a direct Transmission to stimulate and activate your Solar Plexus. During this hour long activation I go into your fear and reintegrate the things you fear into what is yours to be vital & empowered in the face of.
The consult will be both information and an Activation of the Solar Plexus area so your self esteem, your passion, and your stature rule the day.
 In order to make sure that the groundwork has been laid to help sustain this powerful Activation, the Solar Plexus Activation is only available to those who have had an Initial Consult with me.

Solar Plexus Consult Price: $225


Tantra offers special pricing for those currently experiencing financial difficulties.

Personal Prophecy  Price: $97


Each month I do group activations, Deepening Consults are a compliment to these. These 30 minute consults are designed for those who would like work one-on-one with me to bring their Spirit into a deeper relationship with their flesh.
Previous participation in any of the public Unity of the Spirit and Unity of the Flesh Activations is required for those wishing to participate in a Deepening Consult. You do not need to have participated in an Initial or Developmental Consult in order to take part in a Deepening Consult.

Deepening Consult Price: $90

“I had a consult with Tantra yesterday and it has changed and charged up my life altogether forever. I will never be the same. She took me through the layers of my being like I’ve never experienced in any reading. She became the painter of my internal, cellular landscape and shined and pointed the light on my design so I could really see myself for the first time.”
– Dixie –

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