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Glastonbury Spiral

The Glastonbury Spiral – A personal invitation from Kea to join the Spiral Build

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Damanhur Healing Spiral

Listen to Crotalo Piovro about Spirals

On September 28, 2018, from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm British time, Crotalo Sesamo, Damanhur’s global ambassador and initiator of the worldwide spiral project, will guide the creation of the first Damanhurian spiral in England.  By participating in this project we are joining with Damanhur, a spiritual community in Italy called a laboratory for the future of humankind.  The spiral will be on Wyld Lea, a field in Butleigh, just outside of Glastonbury, purchased by a group of neighbors, including me, to allow us to take a field from commercial agriculture and restore it to a wildflower meadow.

The spiral will sit in the corner of this seven acre field bounded by two streams, in full sight of the Tor and Park Wood, which sits in the center of the Glastonbury Zodiac.  The Zodiac is an earth based “Temple of the Stars” identified by Katharine Maltwood in the 1920’s.  The spiral will have its home near the Zodiac’s Libra sign, the sign of the dove.

The rounded rocks that make up the spiral have come from England’s rocky shore.  Crotalo will use a special selfic, a rope that has been used to set the energy for every spiral, to lay out the spiral’s path.  Each person there, those of us traveling with Tantra, all the neighbors and people from Glastonbury, will handle each stone, infusing it with their love and blessings, as it is passed to Crotalo for him to place along the rope.

Having the spiral on the field is a blessing.  It connects the land into a larger planetary grid of positive energy.  Crotalo described one of a spiral’s functions as being a warrior protecting the harmony of the land where it is located.

After we build the spiral, everyone will have a chance to walk it and receive its benefits.  While walking into the spiral, the body’s subtle bodies are expanded so movement can occur.  On reaching the center, the subtle bodies realign themselves into a more resonant order.  While walking out, the subtle bodies condense again anchoring and stabilizing the new alignment.  This process brightens the aura, increases wellbeing and can even produce observable physical healings.  A spiral can be walked frequently and with that, its benefits increase for both the human and for the spiral itself.

Coming all the way to England in person to build the spiral and walk it is quite an undertaking.  Yet there is another way to join us.  Put this event on your calendar and connect with us during the process.  Envision yourself touching each stone and offering your prayers and blessings.  Imagine yourself walking the spiral and feeling your energies align.  We will feel you with us and you will be a part of the spiral yourself.

If you are in the Glastonbury area and are called to join the Spiral build in person you are more than welcome.  If something draws you to make a longer pilgrimage, listen to your calling and contact Toni McCabe: