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Welcome to The Creation Institute. A place where you can learn to be you again; even if you are not yet sure who that is.

Here we develop ‘technologies’ of consciousness and map out living practices that build your capacity so you can play a more consciously creative role in your life and in the world around you.
A place where you will find connection, empathy and harmony with a shared goal of awakening.

The Institute is

Online Learning Community

We don’t just teach methodology we teach ‘Living Practices’.

Living Social Culture

Our culture is based on unity, empathy & harmony. Within this culture we create ‘technologies’ of consciousness.

A Space of Wholeness

We have created a safe, trusted space where our community learn to transmute trauma to re-member their inherent wholeness.

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“We not only carry within us an accurate sense of Self when we are what we are… we carry capabilities, skills, and powers that are inherent with what we are  AND the field (quantum field) of which we are a unique and essential part”

– Tantra Maat

What you'll gain


Re-connect with who you truly are; learn through community to create with Self and with the world around you.


Build your strength, stamina and capacity for life.


Shift the fear, confusion and uncertainty that may be holding you back from consciously creating your life.


Emerge from confusion and uncertainty to clarity and intuitive flow.


Changing life-defeating thinking to life-enhancing thinking.

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Stay connected and we’ll keep you informed.
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Have you read the book?

Get the Language of Creation Template Pack. 
Creation Template 1 & 2 plus Observing 1 Template


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