I cannot write ‘it’ in words yet…but Wowzy!

[Image by Kristin Onderonk, an amazing magi, enjoychi.com]

I can seem to only speak ‘it’ when I hear the resonance of my own voice.

… I have been in the most interesting and wonderful process of sharing Mind this morning.

I know the address of what is mine to provide at this time – my address in the territory of a unified field that is restored.

…a what we are designed to be in ‘we are one’ as we rise as a collective activity of a ‘togetherness’

…in a new future rising that NONE OF US have individual language for but somehow can hear with each other…

…because [a word I rarely use yet very significant at this moment] we are in a field of creation’ that we have been restored to.

Might want to read that a few times! 🙂

I love what is rising for me to take on.

BUT {and it is a really great BUT] there is a progression that we are going through collectively, discovering that for some of us, is an awesome experience of being a shared mind of creation rising. This is why so many of us cannot fully bring something forward. We are listening for our part in an indivisible tensegrity of a greater whole of which we are all a part.

Might want to look up tensegrity.

The most important part of my use of the term and I need to let you know I am taking license in my use of it is this part:

In tensegrity – “tensional forces naturally transmit themselves over the shortest distance between two points, so the members of a tensegrity structure are precisely positioned to best withstand stress. For this reason, tensegrity structures offer a maximum amount of strength.[10]

Now add indivisible. For something to come into existence it must come into a matrix formation of more than itself. It must be part of more within which it is a part. Fields within Fields within Fields. That more must be able to have the strength, stamina, and capacity to stay in existence…hence a tensegrity structure. AND, here, our matrix of unity that tensegrity provides must not be able to be divided by that which is not in unity with Life here.

Wowzy! if you can get this!

Something happened in our FIeld of Tantra Maat Whatsapp’s thread this morning that brought me into the matrix of indivisible tensegrity that had been eluding me in thought and without thought could not bring something into a structure.

I saw this image in the thread:

with these words….”This after supper flew from my fingers last night. I don’t have a name for her yet. I want to presence her here as Gaza and so many other places in the world draw upon the strength of our creator, clinging to life itself in the all-time. We draw strength from the deeper forces of creation unmasking delineations and fine lines drawn in the sand and strung out, tied together by unbroken wings, fractured time. Time itself is being unmasked, revealed as humanity restores the intricacies of our original design and it is written all over our faces so we need never lose hope. We chrysalis in time break free and flutter as we feel into creating the peace LOVE and realities of unity we humans embody. It’s time.” Kristin Onderdonk Enjoy Chi

I knew what was mine to do was set up only a few times a month to provide a developmental piece of training. I knew I wanted to keep the price low so that people could be provided for if they were part of the training that was mine to provide and still do other things in their personal commitment to their own development. When I saw the drawing K.O. posted and her words, I felt what was mine to do as part of collective activity quickening into thought, then my ability to language.

I know people need to self-train now. To train is to awaken, strengthen, and have the powerful capacity for usually their suppressed creation-based skills and talents. And that much like a student finding their schooling and training that provides for their ability to participate as what they came to be in life, a person must now find what they need in a whole new spectrum. They must be aware of training themselves in ‘being’ what they came to ‘be’ in their direct link with Creation. No authority over them only sufficient resources for their self-training or self-study.

A seriously cool moment in time for this species.

In the inadequacy of our new language, I know that we are experiencing the soul of human for human is a one soul species.

How exciting is that?

There are budding spectrums of Self – the persona matrixes of our one soul species – that are coming forward – all of us each in our own unique and essential way.

This is the struggle and it is A REALLY GREAT ONE! It is a chrysalis experience. Each of us unique and essential tending to the garden of paradise in different sectors – a kaleidoscope of wholeness rising in unity with all life…a crystallization now present…

We are all feeling it…all of us…some of us consciously…some of us unconsciously…I will speak for myself on this as I am clear about this and I know that as a seer sometimes, I am aware before others. No matter. I just get to live in the joy of what is rising a little early so I can be there to celebrate with those that arrive a millisecond later.

I know what is mine to do and to provide. It already started in April in my Conversation call and in the Awakening into Our Collective Consciousness Calls in April, and in May. These were dates with Time for me so that I could listen. What I heard was: I, Magi and I, Guardian at the Gate. Each call was designed to Self-Train a person’s awakening consciousness

There is a rising realm of Self that carries an ‘I’. But this ‘I’ is not separate from the Field of Creation. This ‘I’ is part of the unique and essential aspect of ‘I am that and where I am that is’…hence an address in time a space that you can identify yourself within. We are multidimensional beings and we have many aspects and each aspect has a skill…. a capacity ….a magic.

I wrote in the Field of Tantra Maat Whatsapp”s thread in response to what K.O. posted “A lot to do with what creation is calling awake in humans…”

To be able to identify ourselves in our multi-spectrum of being is Our Self part of The Self that carries the connective luscious sensuous spirit of our collective soul species.

How cool is that?!

Proper identification is everything. Do not forget there are multi-identifications. So… wiggle out of your single identity incarceration to listen to me.

When you identify as a mother, you are designed to generate and operate as that design. You as Mother become an address in the schematic of Creation. When I identified as a seer, a prophetess, a mage, a guardian, a facilitator of consciousness, I was identifying myself in time and space and I became part of that address. This is the same principle as a pantheon of the gods. Identifying places in time and space taking care of the unfolding of Creation where the spirit and the flesh, energy and matter, eternal and temporal, the secular and the sacred meet. This identification I listed are Identifications that exist in the etheric territories of Creation that then are given a place here. I did an engagement with a young mother this past weekend. She was both. A mother and Mother. She carried higher frequency aspects that carried the Field of Mother undefined but pulsing in the schematic of Creation that gives the Field of Mother like the Field Lakskmi a place.

Breathe before reading further. 🙂

This is why I did seven years building with the Creation Templates and in field phenomenon a coherent field so that our/your/my greater natures of Being could be able to awaken and take their place in the scheme of things. The work in the Spirals of Being and the Seven Levels of Consciousness was on behalf of empowering the collective consciousness. We were not trying to collapse into only ourselves but to generate enough strength, stamina, and power to feed and nourish the collective awakening that was coming…

…and now is here.

The LOC-Institute is now carrying on building the collective strength of people who sense they are awakening into their consciousness of being and are part of a greater whole. Human beings must take back their minds. Their new work begins tonight: May 12th, tonight their new work begins.

See their newsletter for more!

Dr. Heather Hunt, DC is taking on Vitality Medicine an emerging remembrance that exists in Realities of Unities. The Institute and Dr. Hunt are supporting me in finishing the second book The Mind of Creation in sync with everything that is now rising. The LOC-Institute is giving people the opportunity to self-study on behalf of our awakening collective as well as our individuated mind.

This is that indivisible tensegrity in a Field where everything is operating on behalf of everything else, everything is part of everything else, everything is in relationship with everything else, and yet everything has its own unique and essential place.

It all rose in my sector of Creation in the last week. It is an exciting moment and portents new creation-based systems of unity rising.


…at 4:44 am I began this piece and have been, as artfully as I can, sculpting the address of restoration for two identifications that have skills, capacities, and magics in this kaleidoscope of creation now rising…

The skills, the capacities, and the magics of the Magi and the skills, the capacities, and the magics of the Guardian At The Gate…is mine to give a place, to support, and to stand by as those who identify themselves there train…

As I said above “A lot to do with what creation is calling awake in humans…”

By the beginning of June, I will have put together a place for those who identify themselves as Magis and/or Guardians at the Gate. In I, Magi we will work with psychic energy. Psychic energy is not the redacted in error way people define it. Psychic energy is the energy of the Soul and our ability to participate as part of it in our own Being. People have asked me forever to train them in psychic ability but it was mostly to predict the future…a minuscule part of what psychic capacity is. However I am now watching the pre-cognitive nature of psychic ability struggling to rise in people, the skill of recognizing they are moving with the greater powers and forces of Creation in their own unique and essential ways is now needed, the ability to shapeshift from ordinary to extraordinary, from secular to sacred, from mundane to magic.

The Guardian At the Gate….need I say? You know who you are and you need to be able and ready.

All my love,

Tantra Maat