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Thank You for Our Time Together

Dearest One,

We have completed an hour long consult with each other. Thank you.

Now, you have the opportunity to delve even deeper into your life through listening again and again to your consult.

We are born into a world that does not let us hear ourselves and our authentic relationship with our lives easily. In your consult, you could have experienced being more known and of being more aware of your life and your inner truths. You have paid a significant amount of money for your time with me and it is important to me for you to have the opportunity to have the fullest value.

I so urge you to take some time with the consult and listen to it again. You can also use the following exploratory questions to open you up into the opportunity of your life even further.

In the Spirals of Being, my Sacred Laboratory of Being since 2014, the participants use this exploration to get past any enculturated limitations of their mind so they are more present to their own mind and. In that, their own reality. There is so much value in hearing deeply and having the value of our own mind. So much gets revealed. So much becomes present.

This activity will strengthen new neural networks in your mind that connect you into your own consciousness in a pro-active and generative way. You may not fully register this until you have done the activity for a few times, but you will notice that in responding to the questions below either hand written or typed that new patterns of thought and comprehension will begin to occur that support you in any interests and concerns in your life.

Here are the questions: Listen to your consult or a section of it:

1.     Ask yourself: What did I hear Tantra say

2.     Ask yourself: What did I understand about what Tantra said

3.     Ask yourself; What did I experience?

What we do in our Institute [], our social community [FB Unity of Care Community], and in the sacred alchemy work []- as well as in my consults and activations builds a matrix of unity within which you become actively capable of your own mind, your own connections, your own presence. You are also welcome to explore my journal. I stay as transparent as I can as a mystic so that people can become aware of things that are not the average in an everyday life but is fast what we are becoming. And there is always the store where I have put together packages for you to support yourself in your own journey. Also books.

I am proud that we work outside the box of traditional learning and/or thinking. I have always loved the human mind and its value in our lives. Our minds open us into who we are and what we are about. It is my hope that anything you may participate in in the work will serve you greatly.

Because there are greater systems of creation moving with us all the time, I have found it important that people pay attention more to their connection to what gives them life and what their connection is to the larger landscape of existence is that even trying to figure out what is real or not real. Reality is not fixed. There are many realities. The only real difference is some realities separate us from ourselves, others, and life and some connect us to ourselves, others, and life. Finding out our connections are the fulfillment of life itself.

Beginning in 2019, so much started moving so fast, our ability to stay present while leading our everyday lives, became challenging [to say the least]. In the face of this, I set up a complete month of interactions of each month for people to choose some or all of the times to be in conversations that open up your mind and your awareness of your connections within your life. I call it ‘being present to what there is to be present to’. It is so hard to realize that in an activity of consciousness, the conversations and the activations awaken your mind and give you a way to connect the dots that were there but not apparent. Any work you do in these activities of consciousness expands your own expanded capacity for being alive and connected.

Thank you for the time we spent together.

In Unity,

Tantra Maat

On Behalf of All Life