Meet In Ireland

Meet Tantra in Ireland with Anne

Ireland is Calling

This trip began almost 30 years ago with a map in Dreamtime. A map held in the Celtic Brooch.

And Now we are here. For those of you following our journey. As often as I can, I will be replacing the Diary Entries prior to the Trip with Entries of the Trip Itself. In Joy!

With you. 

Tantra Maat and Anne Tyrrell

Now We are On the Journey. Read Where We have Been and Where we are Going Below The Green is Sites. The Brown is Gatherings.

Daily Schedule

  • Knocknarea and the Faerie Glen, Sligo
    And on to visit Maedhbh and the Faerie realm.  In the early morning we will travel from South Donegal to Sligo and into the magical glen under Knocknarea.  Here we will commune with the Nature Spirits and Devas, inviting their blessings and possible direction as we tune into the land and what She is calling for us to reconcile as we move through the landscape.

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  • Omey Island, Cleggan, Galway

    As I moved more deeply into the fabric that Anne and I have been called into, I cannot tell you the dreams and the voices that have come to us in the most shocking and beautiful ways. People often assign my speaking to my beliefs. No. There are those of us who have awakened into a direct experience with the realms and kingdoms that lay in the dimensional fabric of this planet and the dimensional matrices of the cosmos. It is our interest and our calling. We are working with the ‘alchemy of evolution’ as Rudolph Steiner would say.

    The places that have called us to come have stories to tell. Not just the gab or the chat, much deeper. Patterns rising from the primal forces and the primal beings and the deep magic that once walked here. Not only are the memories coming up but the rips and tears in the fabric of unity. Omey Island is one of those places.

    For Google Map and a message from Anne and Tantra read here

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    We will be meeting as a Tranona Comhluadar at 2:30 pm Irish time. Cars can get over from 1pm on and we have to leave the island by 4:30 pm.

  • Lough Gur and Cnoc Áine
    Here we once again pay homage and acknowledge the Faerie Realm as Áine is known to be Queen of the Faeries.  She is also the Irish Goddess of Lughnasadh, festival of the harvest.  This calling is strong.

    To Google Maps and Tantra’s extraordinary Dream read here

    The coordinates are to a farm gate which gives access to the trail that has to be followed uphill to Cnoc Áine.  It is not an official parking area.  The road is narrow so please park sensibly.  Make sure you have a good pair of hiking boots on.  There are often cattle in the fields.

    From Cnoc Áine we travel North to the village of Murroe near Limerick for our 3rd Oíche Comhluadar. 
    We look forward to having you share and exchange knowledge, insights, stories and songs as we continue to build and weave what has come before into the matrix for our onward journey. 
    Please follow the link in the brown bar to book for this event. 
    Location and address will be provided when you confirm your booking.

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  • Drumbeg Stone Circle, West Cork, Ireland

    Communication. Communication with the planet and the cosmos. Taking our place in the scheme of things. There is so much to be learned. In the place, we visited the day before. The Well. Staigue Fort. I had a scientific entry into the modern worlds’ understanding of the paramagnetic lines that we interact with in certain parts of the worlds. These circles. These place people found their way to under trying times. These places were no accident. They were places where an activity of consciousness connected to the earth and the cosmos carried one in the blindness of the human eye.

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  • I promised I would come back and raise their voices in the energetic empathy of a devote mystic who feels the blood of the fervor in our Earth Mother, the breathe of our Earth Mother, the tears of our Earth Mother, the body of our Earth Mother and her love and covenant with the Cosmos where the breath, the fervor, the tears, the breath and the body of their maleness can rise again.

    I come for them.

    While you are welcome to join me, do not let your past traumas taint this reconciliation. Reconcile with us.

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  • Google Co-ordinates 

    Toureen West, Waterford
    Brigid Power of Waterford has called in this site for our journey.

    “Liberation – I’m feeling Toureen stone circle is significant in liberation on this Ireland Journey.  Its got the magic!  – It is a pristine timeless presence in the changing time of Ireland moving from it’s dark days of Civil war, suppression,  secrecy, and hardship to an open, life enhancing future, especially for those isolated communities. I’m feeling drawn to a path into a welcome place where everyone offers what they have lived through & all that has become frozen – in this Ireland journey now, it’s all offered in transformation & in it we know who we are.”

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  • Hill of Allen, Kildare

    We will be at Hill of Allen at 11oo. To Register Click Here

    Google Map for Hill of Allen

    When I looked at the name of Hill of Allen on my radial diagram of Sacred Sites it showed up for me with a strong emotion of grief.  Energetically when I get a “hit” I often begin to weep.  This was my reaction now.  I visited my trusty friend Google to see what I could find.  According to Irish Mythology it was the seat of the hunter-warrior Fionn mac Cumhaill and the Fianna, in fact during construction of the tower on the hill in the 19th century, a coffin was discovered and they believe the remains to be those of Fionn Mac Cumhaill.  Now the site is owned by Roadstone and most of the original site is debased due to extensive quarrying.

    St/Goddess Brigid’s 2 Holy Wells 

    We will be meeting at Brigid Wells at 2:30pm. Register Here

    Google Maps for Brigid’s Well

    Just outside Kildare town and beyond the chaos that is Kildare Village Shopping Centre are 2 Holy Wells dedicated to Brigid.  The first is just outside the walls of the Japanese Gardens on a sharp corner but can be accessed through the carpark for the Gardens.  This is the ancient well, dedicated to Goddess Brigid, but in modern times Catholicised.  Less than a mile away is a second Holy Well, the one now most often referred to as St. Brigid’s Holy Well.  This is fed by the same body of water and a garden has been created around it. It is peaceful and beautiful and the sound of running water as the stream moves through it is soothing to anyone needing solace.

    I visit these sites often and like the fact that the old and new exist together and are still both included in the Church’s St Brigid’s day procession.  A true reconciling of old and new, pagan and christian, Goddess and Saint.  And with any body of water, constant renewal.  A perfect place to reflect and let go all that no longer needs carrying.  Brigid the triple Goddess of fire, alchemist of the forge and poet.  She represents unity and this visit is about just that.

    Coordinates are to the first well by the Japanese Gardens.  To park take the left turn, drive in the gates to the gardens and take a left to the end of the carpark where the tour busses park.  The well is through a stile in the opposite corner to the bus parking spaces.

    Old well – Google Map

    New well – Google Map

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  • St Kevin’s Church, Glencree, Wicklow

    Google Map

    We are coming into the last recursion of our journey. I have divided this moment at St. Kevin’s Church into three separate diary entries.

    Part 1 of 3 is what Anne wrote about our most recent invitation to participate with Creation.

    Part 2 of 3 is from my book An Irish Tale of a Modern Mystic.

    Part 3 of 3 is about Mary Reynolds who folded into yesterday when my day was guided by the deep mysteries that put things together is strange synchronistic ways that let you know that Creation is both listening and participating.

    I have a deep mystical connection to who became St. Kevin. I am pretty sure he did not know he was a saint during his life. When I stand on the walk toward the waterfall at Glendalough, I feel him so deeply embedded in the elemental forces of the area and so little interest in his day being disturbed. I woke up in the morning, not knowing how I could ever bring language to what I was moving in in my DreamTime. So much has happened since I began to move deeply into these places we are going to. So much reality even before we even end up on the land. I woke to a friend of mine’s dog’s dilemma as their sweet Z could not stand up on her back legs. I told her I would meet her at the vet’s to give her a remedy that has helped my precious Lily. I got there, gave her the remedy and ran into Robin and Tom. Robin is an amazing woman who has done amazing work in the Pachamama Alliance. Pachamama Alliance is a global community that offers people the chance to learn, connect, engage, travel and cherish life for the purpose of creating a sustainable future that works for all. Her husband, Tom had been on an Irish vision and befriended Mary Reynolds who is a nature activist and a gardener. While on the surface, it may look like coincidence. I knew that it was Creation and even perhaps St. Kevin reaching out to me to let me know that Anne and I and perhaps others will be met there by the wonders of nature and humankind that share incredible mysteries when they ‘Dare to be Wild’.

    It may be strange to be visiting a church that for all intensive purposes seems to have nothing to do with the natural world, but that is not so. Those men and women were once druids and bards who became spellbound by the wonder of the Christ. They however had not lost their connection to the land. The early days of Christianity was rich with the inclusion of a son of a God that sought to have us love not war. We will be dedicating our time to this. Inclusion not exclusion. Unity not separation. 

    Coordinates will bring you to parking near or at St Kevin’s Church.

    From Glencree we will drive to Dublin for an afternoon gathering at 2:00 pm, our 6th -Tránona Comhluadar.  Venue to be confirmed but we believe it will be at the site of one of Dublin’s former Magdalene Laundries.  Details will be furnished as soon as they are finalised.

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    Why Loughcrew is so important to me…

    Loughcrew Cairns, Meath
    We gather in the early hours of the morning to greet the dawn at the Lough Crew Cairns and honour the rising sun of the Autumn Equinox on September 23rd.  Each day of this journey has carried us deeper into our quest from North to West to South to East and finally back to centre.

    Coordinates will bring you to the carpark at the bottom of the hill.  Allow 15 mins min to climb the hill and bring a head light or torch.  The hill can be steep and slippy.  Wear appropriate shoes and warm layers.  We may be up there some time.

    That evening we drive to Westmeath to a very special piece of land on the outskirts of Kilbeggan, Ballymac Lodge for our 7th and final Oíche Comhluadar.  We gather at 7.30pm.  Weather permitting we will walk the Sacred Spiral on the land, as an acknowledgement of the completion of our spiral journey.  At this gathering we will also prepare for our final closing ritual of the journey which will take place on Uisneach Hill – 10 miles N. as the crow flies -.  at 10:30 on Monday morning 24th September. Use the brown bar to register for the Oíche Comhluadar.

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