Monthly Cellular Activations

December 12 2018 Activation


WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 12th, 2018 5 pm pst $34.00


In the shifts we are in, we often misinterpret our emotions, our circumstances, and our bodies. There is an agitation because we cannot seem to see a duplication of what we are experiencing inwardly. It is because we have not had a way to track and register what is moving from the invisible to the visible. New actualities are rising but not in the mindset we have been entrained to perceive through. It is so exciting to be me right now. It is so fun to see the pleasant shock that the language of your psyche can provide you. It is like standing in an amazing forest and finally knowing how to recognize trees.

An Activation is designed to make room for what is rising in the consciousness of humanity and, together, through our attention, we become part of the greater systems of consciousness forming and the realities that come with them. It is our time and we are essential. Get a deeper experience of what the Activations unfold in my guidebook.

The entire work in the Field of Tantra Maat is based on trusting people’s direct link with Creation. It is that connection with Creation within which they are emissaries of new realities when they respond. What happens on these calls are now beyond language and can only be for those who are called by Creation to be part of what is forming.

All there is now is to Set the Field Within Which New Realities Will Occur. 
We are in new times now.

People are discovering they are both unique and essential in their participation.

Our souls know where and when we are to participate. What better than to respond to your soul. You will know when you are to come into unity with Creation with me. When you know and you come, the extraordinary occurs.

I look forward to our shared time together. In the block below you will see the dates and times through November plus a pdf you can download for your calendar.

My facebook page A Sacred Site for Rest and Courage as will our community group site Unity of Care Community will have all the events posted.

It is our time to be part of new realities rising.