Monthly Spirit Hour

November Spirit Hour

The 3rd Sunday of Each Month

A free public call

Our Spirit is Love. To live is to love. That is the miracle no one can take from us.

Spirit Hour is on its 20th year. It is a time when we gather on behalf of all life and as a mystic, seer, and prophetess, I speak to what is alive in our Spirit, our oneness with all life, in whatever mystical form of consciousness I am informed by.

I love Spirit Hour. It is so beautiful to open up the line and see so many people there as a prayer with power for what lives beyond the separation around us. 

We are in times where we have the opportunity to celebrate and mature our existence. We have the opportunity to find our place in the greater scheme of things and, yes, return to our relationships with that which has been hidden from view.

The next three months of Spirit Hour are listed below. 

I love you,
Tantra Maat

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