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Personal Engagements

For those who are called to be part of the G.O.D. Matrixes of Creation you can explore here:


To Read about &/or Schedule All Personal Engagements

I am eager to work with individuals and their individual lives this year. Personal awakening is upon us and what that means for all life is active. I start again with personal consults in February and one of the packages I want to offer is a way for you to be in your own self-discovery and bounce what you discover off of me so you can catalyze over and over again your ability to be what you are as you are becoming more.

Because of the dramatic shifts in the underpinnings of our lives, I am offering a two-hour 'SetUp My Year' personal engagement package. This will consist of a two-hour conversation about how to move with your deeper Self in the shifts and changes before you. This deeper Being of you carries the keys to the kingdom!

"What the Prophetics revealed was that we must develop a pristine emotional palette that keeps us in touch with the higher frequencies of our existence."  Tantra Maat

There are still Initial Personal Engagements as well as Continuing Personal Engagements to further your Awakening Being in an individual setting.


I will be offering the power of activations ongoingly. The cellular remembrance of wholeness rises faster when nurtured and activated then the mental mind's ability to apply logic or intention.

The Solar Plexus Activation literally so that your 'gut' intelligence is less reactive and more perceptive.

The 3 fold MultiPersonal Activation to support the deeper threads of Personas that are behind your present personality.

Adding The High Heart Activation. This comes out of the High Heart showing up in so many of the Prophetics.

All Engagements and Activations are designed to be listened to over and over again. They come from the Template of your Being and over time your mind, as it becomes aware, relates to the deeper intelligence of your Being and operates accordingly.

...and then there is Tobias...more to come on this one...:)