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Self Development with Tantra

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Much has been happening since 2021:

I am reworking this page so that as you move forward in your own Self Emergence you have access to Activations, Working with me on the Templates, Engagements, and Other Services on behalf of a New Here and a New Now.

I am doing very specific work with small groups of people who have been working with me for some time. That said, many of us have been at work in becoming skilled at being awake, being aware, and being able beyond our present trauma-centric mentality and capacity. This is why I am continuing my individual services in the skills that serve those who are awakening.


Your Initial Engagement catalyzes your original design bringing you more and more into your natural operating state. You increase your ability to hear yourself as your Authentic Nature of Being Your Self. Your future begins to line up with what is yours to do, and be, especially regarding new futures now rising

Continuing Engagements are for these times when human beings are now continuously confronted by their expanding consciousness. You & I can keep engaging to deepen your emergence into your own Being...the Power & Beauty of Your Self. In your continuing engagements, you build more & more strength, stamina, & capacity to be fulfilled by your own awakening.

The Shorts are half-hour engagements for you to get a boost of awareness or to have insight on something that is immediate for you.


Human beings carry templates of wholeness that rise as trauma transmutes more and more into life force energy. The cellular remembrance of wholeness rises faster when nurtured and activated than the mental mind's ability to apply logic or intention. Pre-requisite: an Initial Engagement

The Solar Plexus Activation activates your direct link to your gut's direct link with Creation. I found in doing these Activations that I am connecting you into your Self that carries the power of your sense of true worth, your passion, and your stature giving you your sense of Presence in your Life.

The Limbic System Activation carries your ability to follow the path of your happiness, warning you of that which has you be unhappy. This is how you operate at a sentient level with what is life-giving and life-enhancing as part of new systems of rising on behalf of new matrixes of paradise.

I recommend that the Solar Plexus and Limbic System Activation be done within a coherent period of time so that you awaken into the sentient intelligence that exists in these two areas.

The 3 MultiPersonal Activations support the deeper threads of Personas that are behind your present personality. Includes 3 Activations and one follow-up Engagement.

The High Heart Activation. The High Heart Activation is for those who have an active consciousness regarding what they register as the High Heart. This is often done in conjunction with the 3 MultiPersona Activations. This requires an Initial Engagement.

All Engagements and Activations are designed to be listened to over and over again. They come from the Template of your Being so your mental mind can become part of the deeper intelligence of your Being and operate accordingly.