2021.12.22. I, Magi Lesson #8


Wednesday, December 22nd, 2021

5:00 pm MDT


Everything you need to discover your magic

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After working for over half a century, I have watched the unfolding of the consciousness of human beings for some time. I have watched how it took a few years sometimes a lot of years for people to realize that their participation with Creation had shifted. In the fifty-plus years, I have watched the importance of recovery from trauma be the mainstay, then people began to work to be self-aware and more aware of the greater nature of what was going on in the greater universe….then the beginning of discovery they had a role to play in Creation that wasn’t about saving the world…Jesus completed that thread.┬áIt was about restoring the fabric of paradise here by restoring the skills and capacities of Self that human beings all carry. This would mean humanity could recover from a long period of darkness and begin to be part of greater realities that are budding, as the realities of darkness that we have been living in fade.

I, Magi. Each of us carries this generating organizing design in our own unique and essential way….our own personal magic.

That Self carries your skills and capacities in your unity with Life where you draw your life force energy of Creation from. I have watched that Self rise in human beings for the last few years. I am simply giving that Self of You a place to Train for what you designed to be in your participation with Creation these next years.

This and I, Guardian at the Gate will be restructured into a subscription in September. If you have been in the past two lessons of I, Magi, please come to the call with questions in your commitment to your own training and discovery.

In Joy!


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