2022.2.16. I, Magi Lesson #10 Completed the first 10 levels of Self-Training


Wednesday, February 16th, 2021

5:00 pm MDT


Everything you need to discover your magic

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I, Magi is a state of Being, an archetype of human magic and psychic phenomenon that every human being called by the word Magi and the word magic carries within them. Not a personality profile, but an archetypical remembrance that is calling for manifestation in our human world.

Nothing is more difficult for me than to speak into a reality that does not recognize the higher order of personalities that human beings once existed as and the role those archetypical personas played in shaping the consciousness of paradise here.

The Activity of I, Magi works to access through ‘mental perception’ the theta level of consciousness. The theta level is considered the twilight level of consciousness where great thinkers drifted off to sleep at this level of consciousness and brought back ingenious and innovative ideas into the culture of Human Beings. In this twilight level of consciousness, we also are part of multi-dimensional realms that operate in larger patterns of awareness than the present human culture presently makes room for. You have multi-dimensional persona archetypes that ‘think’ with different processes of thought.

Besides the fact it just being fun to be aware of ourselves as more expanded personality systems than the girdle of limited personalities that keep us so tightly bound to survival that we can’t explore who we are as part of the greater universe.

Some people are beginning to awaken into these persona capacities. I just want to make a place for the self-discovery and self-awareness available for these more expanded personas of ourselves to rise.

These persona activities of the Meta-Self that operates beyond the limitation of your present ‘I’ are part of The Emergent Self, the Multi-Persona Activations, and Setting Up Your Field with me.

I, Magi is also a Self Study and Self-Training that you can purchase at any time as a whole or go to the store to purchase individual classes that you can join into in the classes and ask questions and have discussions about what you are present to and what you have opened up into through your work with your I, Magi archetype.

For those of you who have been participating in I, Magi, please come to the call with observations and questions.


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