Activating Our Sacred Tail 2019.12.11


Each Activation is 60 minutes.


I will be on a cruise liner on the way to the Bahamas the night of our Activation. I should have a perfect cellphone and internet coverage. I will be on the line 10 minutes before the call to be sure. If something happens, we will try to notify you. I will sort out a new time when I get back home. I am thrilled to be activating our Tail on our planetary ocean under our cosmic sky. My! My!

Wednesday, December 11th, 2019 5 pm pst

Activation II: Activating our Cosmic Planetary Tail

Following Months Activations:

Activation III: Activating our Golden Girdle and Ethereal Wings

Activation IV:  Activating our Crystal Chalice

Activation V: Activating our Cobra Multiverse

Activation VI: Activating our Celestial Halo

TO PURCHASE: November Activation I: Setting the Field for our Sacred Geometries of Being

M’s share [2012]: “Breathing into the base of the spine…I see the energy flow from the bottom and flower out in an energetic matrix of light. I feel sensations at the base of the spine for each of the three connections. Note I have mild spina bifida with the sacrum being damaged. The pressure seemed to be a healing of the spinal column mutation. I followed you as you moved up the spine, bringing more and more light into the spine. First I saw a scaffold of energy more boxy in shape then the energy became more fluid as you moved up my spine. The spine flowed, moved played, and created great joy within my being. When you reached the shoulders, I leaned forward and then back and felt a great release of energy. The energy from my shoulders opened into wings, then energetic structures of pure prana, flowing from me into space around me. I continued to breathe throughout the activation. I felt my neck strengthen. In a way, I was a Prana Tube. The spine is prana and prana is the spine. The flow of prana, in my spine, strengthened and flowed.





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