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January 1st through January 15th, all that is offered is Prophetics. There are 3 major reasons for this.

  • I began the Prophetics because the higher octaves of Existence were beginning to come into our present reality, and I did not want to spend a year trying to language what was not yet languageable because it was not yet perceptible.
  • I would love it if I could do consults that were who people are when they are not incarcerated in realities of separation. This is what I get to do in a Prophetic. In an initial consult [read below] I am in a blend between the power of a prophetic where you are languaged as what you are as a unique and essential embodiment of Creation and the challenges you are facing being here. In a developmental there is as much power in writing out the questionnaire as there is in engaging in the activity of you and I originating your life to be more and more what you came here to be. When I am in a Prophetic, I am in the stream of consciousness that you originated from and through the gift I carry of resonant language we both get to experience and be present to who and what you are as a greater aspect of Creation.
  • I started Prophetics because I needed to be able to language what was occurring in human consciousness that was the theme of the collective showing up in individuals. I need to build a direct link with the coming year so that we who do the Prophetics are contributing to the collective. By populating the Field of the Collective with your direct link with Creation, we are supporting every human being in becoming more coherent, cohesive, and congruent with the greater whole of which we are all a part.