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Skinny Branches Consults

Why Skinny Branches?

“I take the conditions some of us find ourselves in very seriously. In the USA, we hold money in very dysfunctional ways. Whether we are financially challenged or affluent, we are all valuable to these times. I honor the value of each of us.

Werner Erhard, who gave us the gift of transformation in our country, once said, “You can put up a flag, but it does not mean that people will rally around it!” 🙂

I opened up the Skinny Branches to support a part of our population that are challenged financially during these times. “

Tantra Maat


If you have not had a consult before with me then Initial Consults are where you start.
They are an hour duration, they are recorded and it is recommended that they are listened to regularly to integrate the energy. They have a very long shelf-life in that the language applies to your life unfolding far into the future.

The  Initial consult catalyzes three things:

1. By tapping into your core design, your Original Design begins to click back into place as your natural operating state. 2.Your own ability to hear yourself. 3. Your life lining up with what is yours to do, to be, to have.

S.B. Initial Pricing: $133


Developmental Consults are offered as a follow-up from your Initial Consult with Tantra. The deep emergence in your own being that happens in unity with Tantra, during a Developmental Consult, is part of the new reality we are moving into where each person is fulfilled by their own awakening of themselves. Tantra as a cellular empath and a catalyst is a powerful resource for that.

S.B. Developmental Pricing: $55


This Solar Plexus Activation is a direct Transmission to stimulate and activate your Solar Plexus. During this hour long activation I go into your fear and reintegrate the things you fear into what is yours to be vital & empowered in the face of.
The consult will be both information and an Activation of the Solar Plexus area so your self esteem, your passion, and your stature rule the day.
 In order to make sure that the groundwork has been laid to help sustain this powerful Activation, the Solar Plexus Activation is only available to those who have had an Initial Consult with me.

S.B. Solar Plexus Pricing: $77