Spirals of Being

Seeds of Futures Calling


A new Culture of Being is upon us.

We are both its seeds and its consciousness.

To anchor into this consciousness is to actualize your unique and essential Being.

We, as a species, are in a very unusual moment of time. We are in a time where many of us are conscious enough to evolve.

One of the symptoms of this rising consciousness is a sense of urgency in your personal growth. Every evolutionary moment requires some members of the species to participate in their own evolution to bring forward the collective.

This is why many of us feel that there is something more in this life and that this life is meant to be truly lived.  In our current culture, we have no structure of training to understand and develop our own consciousness and align our actions in regard to our own evolution.  In this new evolutionary path, we are just now discovering tools to access our unique design and clarify our mission here on earth as a cultural norm. 

“What if we had a sacred space to explore our true selves and our connection to the greater whole in a safe, shared, and guided way. “

The Spirals of Being

The Spirals are a synergistic sacred territory that spans the globe and is limited to 89 people. This global territory meets online multiple times a month under the guidance of Tantra Maat. Tantra sets up a guided path for you to unfold your own consciousness.

The Spirals of Being are based on cultures where sacred teachings, circles, healings, and gatherings were held to pass on knowledge gained from within and shared. Taking time to escape from the grind of our mental minds into the freedom of our timeless aspects of ourselves is not a chore. It is a blessing.  Many of us are evolving into a reality in which unity is the dominant framework. We are discovering what it is to no longer be dominated by a reality that separates us from ourselves, others, and life.  The Spirals offer a sacred territory to explore and evolve ourselves in generative matrices that hold the realities in which we want to live—the realities of unity and connection, the realities of that which supports life and wholeness. This our service. Our life.

In the Spirals, we explore subjects like ‘the nature of our Being.’ While the term ‘Being’ remains elusive, all of us have an experience of wanting to be ‘free to be.’ The fear-based reality of separation that we were born into gives us restricted freedom to ‘be’ and diminishes our ability to realize who we truly are and to what we are connected, while simultaneously telling us we can ‘be’ whatever we want.

With or without our concerted effort, we are becoming the nature of our Being now. This is our present evolving moment where our design of Being is shifting our very foundation of what we hold to be real. When the work of the Spirals has full effect, the end result of these times will be lives that fulfill us through our unique and essential connection with Creation.  Our future will become a family of humanity in harmony with nature, the cosmos, and our planet.

Your Contribution

The Spirals are organized for the amount of time and the financial investment you have to contribute to your own evolution. Any amount of time and financial investment forwards your own evolution. Whether you are a business man or woman, a spiritual seeker, a homemaker, a teenager, etc, you are welcome to subscribe to the Spirals to support the unseen of your existence so that your everyday existence is enriched and brought more and more into wholeness.

The best way to think about The Spirals is like a map. A map that covers certain territories that we explore and through our exploration gain access to very fundamental activities of Creation within ourselves. We cover three territories, described below…

The movement of the spiral of your being brings Creation into physical form. You do not move. Your being moves in unity with Creation all the time, whether you realize it or not. 

The three territories of the Spirals work together as a cohesive, coherent, congruent whole.


This is the work of the future that I have chosen to take on now. It is where the future comes into the present to shift the framework of reality itself so that new realities can take hold and flourish.

These realities are NOT organized by a framework that:

1: Separates us from ourselves, life, and each other

2: Is organized to try to have, but to never really have

3: To do and never realize the magic of what it is to be.

These realities ARE organized by the restoration of our systems that carry frameworks of unity from which new realities emerge: 

1: That connect us to life and has us exist as whole

2: Wherein we can have what fulfills our design of Creation

3: Where that which is ours to do rises and comes into existence in unique and essential ways.

Spiral Drawing turned

2019 The Year of New Realities Rising

I apologize to those of you who have come to this page since the beginning of 2019. I had actually closed the Spirals for any further participation, but the page stayed active – I think  now it may have been an act of a higher power. For: as new people did consults, I realized that a collective awakening is occurring in a real and self-actualizing way. More is happening in the human consciousness right now that is patterning new futures but, of which, we are not yet conceptually aware. It is a rule of all new realities. Experiential awakening before mental understanding.

I feel compelled to open the Spirals again beginning in July 2019 for those who may be called. It is both an invitation and an acknowledgement of what people are on the verge of now.

Thank you.

Requirements for 2019 Participation

  • All Spirals of Being members must have read the Language of Creation Book. And my book, an Irish Tale of a Modern Mystic, is also recommended. I am also in the process of my next book Mind of Creation being published and it will be important for your journey
  • You need to have done at least an initial Consult with me. A month of Events is also recommended.
  • It is also recommended that you take the first few months of your participation to not only familiarize yourself with the unusual structure we use to build the Field of Creation within which new realities can rise in unity with Creation, but to do weekly Creation Exercises.

Please know, you are walking into a culture of unity that is a realm that lives and explores what is occurring as part of the greater whole of which each of us is a part. It is a mystical path of awakening that occurs in the activity of Being and does not map like any other body of work you would have ever done.

The Three Spirals of Being


This is the Creators’ Image

Transmuting Trauma into Life Force Energy

  • All Spirals Telecall: 8-10am PST.
    • The 3rd Sunday of every month.
  • Creators Webinar: 8-10am PST.
    • The 2nd Sunday of every month. Joined by the Minders and Architects.
  • The Field of Tantra Maat is structured in Tapatalk to support unfolding a unity-based mind capacity.
  • 1 discounted Developmental Consult within each 4-month Period for $90.00.

Subscription Price: $68 per month. As a Creator, you are welcome to participation a single month before you are asked to be in a 4-month commitment

Subscribe here: (Begins July 2019)

The link will be added here to start your subscription. The date that you sign up will become the date the subscription will renew each month. 

This is recommended for people who are new to the work of Tantra Maat. You are welcome to move into the Creators or the Minders after a period of time in the Creators.


This is the Minders’ Image

Restoring Our Mind to be in Unity with Creation

  • All Spirals Telecall:8-10am PST.
    • The 3rd Sunday of every month.
  • Creators Webinar:8-10am PST.
    • The 2nd Sunday of every month. Joined by the Minders and Architects.
  • Minders Webinar:8-10 am PST.
    • The 2ndSaturday of each month. Joined by the Architects.
  • The Field of Tantra Maat is structured in Tapatalk to support unfolding a unity-based mind capacity.
  • 1 Discounted Developmental consult within each 4-month Period for $75.

Subscription Price:  $99 per month with a 4-month commitment

Subscribe here: (Begins July 2019)

Minders Subscription is only open to those who have participated with Tantra Maat before in the Creators


This is the Architect Image

Being Partners with Creation Architecting Reality

  • All Spirals Telecall:8-10am PST.
    • The 3rd Sunday of every month.
  • Creators Webinar:8-10am PST.
    • The 2nd Sunday of every month. Joined by the Minders and Architects.
  • Minders Webinar:8-10 am PST.
    • The 2ndSaturday of each month. Joined by the Architects.
  • Architects Webinar:8-10am PST.
    • The 1st Sunday of each month.
  • Architect Direct Link Webinar:8-10am PST.
    • The 3rdSaturday of each month.
  • Access to Activation Telecall:5-6:30 PM PST.
    • The 2ndWednesday of each month.
  • The Field of Tantra Maat is structured in Tapatalk to support unfolding a unity-based mind capacity.

Subscription Price:  $233 per month with a 4-month commitment

Subscribe here: (Available July 2019)


This is usually only available to those who have been a Creator or a Minder for a minimum 4-month period per request. The present Architects are in a lifelong commitment.


Spirals Subscriptions are a 4-month commitment. Your credit card will be charged on the 1st of each month. You can ask to cancel your subscription at the end of the 4-month period. Cancellations outside of the ‘end of term’ period will not be accepted. 

The Spirals of Being will open for new subscriptions February 1, 2019.