Working Out Unity

Following is a conversation I had on my Facebook page – and here is the link  A Response to my FB Link


“I have a mixed reaction to this, Tantra. On one hand, of course, I totally support going for unity – and one of my highest values is leave no one behind. You know this about me. However, I can’t bring into my fold – at this moment – white men who are vehement about no inter-racial dating (yes, I said dating) – anything about gay anything – gay living much less marriage – anti-semitic, racist in all sorts of ways, don’t support voting rights for all, and on and on. I’m drawing a line – not on my boat – now right now. There IS a wrong here. It’s ugly and I can’t condone it. It hurts people at Standing Rock, It hurts kids. it creates more pain and suffering in the world. And it seems to me – at this moment – not drawing a line is condoning it. So I draw my line…sadly.”

I deeply trust to person who commented on my FB page and wanted to take a moment to response to her in a thorough way.

My Response:

I have in no way challenged what you said. It is ours to know where we are standing each one of us

I would never ask you to stand where I am standing.

I am not hierarchical. I am not asking people to rally around me. I am not running for any political office nor am I am member of any party.
I want to tell you a story. When I lived in Washington DC, there was a man who was a mercenary who bragged publicly about how much fun it was to napalm women and children in Cambodia and watch them burn. He completely repulsed me. I have no compassion nor interest in giving him any space around me or my family. His wife came to me and asked me if I would do a consult with him if she could get him to. Her grief moved me deeply and I said yes. She scheduled him and I don’t think I have ever been so afraid to read someone or nauseous.

When I do a consult I am looking a person’s core design not at their behavior and I knew I could be true to that.

When he sat down, I was consumed with horror, shock, and grief – all this was between his personhood and his core design. I gasped and sobbed and grabbed and held him tight against him expecting him to punch me. He didn’t. Soon he was sobbing too. No words were spoken that entire hour.

He stopped drinking that night. He never spoke those ugly words again. He started working with the hate gangs against gays in Washington DC. Aids was rampant at the time. He and his wife came over at Christmas and he said, “If the world ever goes to hell and you need protection, I’m your guy. I know how to protect without hurting the innocent now.”
I have never forgotten that but that is where I have been charged by Creation to stand. To stand empowering the core design of human beings that is their unique and essential aspect of creation that has been broken and separated from them.
That is my charge.

I, in no way, think it should be everyone’s charge.

My statement was to those that would be called by what I need for people like yourself who are not called by that to agree. I do not need you to agree to standing to where I am standing just you said where you are standing I do not need to agree. What I know is real is that we both stand on behalf of life and what connects everyone to unity with life and we each do it our own way.

Not to sound like a goody two shoes, I always would have gladly killed the man who dragged my daughter towards the woods when she was eight years. And I still regret I didn’t get my hands on him. I still wonder who else he hurt and at the same time am glad it was not my child. It is the place things come together the both/and, not the either/ or that is unity. Each of us come together in our unity with Creation is diverse ways. Each of us has our own way of being in unity and being against what goes against life.

Maybe in my life time, humanity will realize it not the other person or other people who are the problems, but the conditions of separation we have all been swimming in and been taught to call reality.

A lot of what I have been seeing that would suggest some of us realize we are all in this together now and those of us who operate on behalf of life are becoming where we can sort it out. Some are still damaged and dangerous to the rest of us…as each of us are in varying degrees.
Like my mercenary client, who would be one of the ones who it was his to do to protect and defend us on behalf of life by going to ward. He no longer had to suffer because what his to do had corrupted him and turned him against life. He found that point where what was his to do could be done in unity with life according where he was standing. He never went back to fighting but that did not mean he would not respond if it became his to do again.

We are a broken reality almost destroyed by separation from ourselves, others, and life but we rising. We are learning. I appreciate deeply where you are standing and I know you are faithful to that because it is where you are called to stand. It, in no way, makes where I am standing or anyone else is standing is less. I know you know that.

I am so grateful that when I write from where I am standing grants others say where they are standing too. Not against or me, but with me…each person being faithful what is theirs to do, to be , to have.

I love you. T