Love is in the Air!

The September 13th Activation in case you wish to purchase. 🙂

Did anyone else have an out of the ordinary experience during this Activation?

I took a walk after, actually having to rework my balance, and realized that together we had entered one of the realms of Creation where there has never been an absence of the matrix of love from which all life was formed.

Now our cells will remember.

Someone said the Activation lit them up like a Christmas tree.

I thought that was such a beautiful tell. Remember for some of you who had Christmas what you felt like after you had put the Christmas tree together and then the lights were switched on. The experience goes beyond words and yet is part of the DNA, not of meaning or symbols, but the feel of that is which we are. It was a beautiful moment like trimming the Tree of Life that had gotten caught in some left over vines that misdirected the vitality of life away from love. Then remember those of you who were there, “Snip. Snip. Snip.” We, the branches of the Tree of Life, were free.

I am so moved by the people who have used the Activations all these years to build the field of connection with Creation…to build our vibration to a point that we can now no longer experience the illusion of separation as real. That we belong to another vibration that lives forever between the opinions, the multiple truths, the perception. That point of connection where we are the DNA of love and we are its fabric and, oh! last night, to be finally in the fabric on the ground here with planet Earth…not just out there somewhere elusive and forgotten.

Please listen again and again. We are entering matrixes of Creation where we will discover what it is to be free. To love and care without pain. We are in the beginning. In the beginning………….