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Fields Within Fields


My Work in the World is all about creating fields within fields…




A Field of Learning

The Creation Institute is an online learning community based on my work. It is where we teach people to build their capacity to be whole and to manifest their own expression of life. We focus on unlocking the creative potential inherent in every human and the inter-woven unity of life itself.

The techniques and practices that are taught have been co-created by myself and others over the last twenty years through an ongoing experiment of a living unified field. The Creation Institute is where you can learn how to move past trauma and transmute it into life-force energy so that you can manifest the life you came here to live.

A Field of Community

The Unity of Care Community is an online community where we research, restore, actualize, and establish systems and activities of unity, whole system thinking and interactive research with others who are working in systems of unity and community. In this space we work with communities establishing unity based interactive, interdependent, interrelated systems to increase the ripple effect of unity across our planet, and increase the cultural shift of shared minds, shared hearts, and shared ways of existing.


Spirals Of Being

A Field of Being

The Spirals of Being is a laboratory of consciousness. It is a place where I work with a small group of people who are committed to research and experimentation in expanded consciousness.