Dimensional Activation

Release the limitations of your 3D persona,

move into the greater dimensions opening.



Next Live Event is August 9th, 2017

You must become aware that You, as Human Being, affect the reality you were born into and are affected by it.

These days more than ever. As life moves into chaos and everything unravels, our own consciousness can take those unraveling threads and weave them into realities that are now rising in unity with life.

You are woven intrinsically into the web of life. This is a profound truth and every one of you knows this deep in your cells. Your every thought, action, word, emotion and reaction impinges and ripples through the field of creation. The memes – concepts – about life and what we consider to be real are affecting each and every one of you.

Right now, the story that tells us we are separate; that we are powerless; that we are broken is no longer valid. It is a dream that we are waking up from, but we are in that surreal moment just before waking where we are not sure what is real and what isn’t.

We are in that surreal moment just before waking where we are not sure what is real and what isn’t. ” 

We Are Reality Builders

We are still finding ourselves at the effect of the old reality, especially the old stories, the tainted concepts about life and being Human, that generate life-defeating thoughts and drain our energy. Even our personalities – the archetypal personas that we interact with in the world – are of the old story. No matter how successful we are, how well we are, how much we have or how spiritual we are, we are all at the effect of the reality that is collapsing around us.
We feel that life is so much more than our physical three-dimensional reality that we perceive through our senses, just as we are so much more than our own physical bodies. It is like the scribbled cartoon character standing up one day and realising that there is another world it can play in. One with depth and height and width.

Well, we are now standing up out of our 3D existence and the sense that we have had all along that there is something even wider, deeper and higher is just coming into our vision. And these invisible worlds are present all around us – have always been present – just like the wavelengths of light beyond the small portion of the spectrum we can see.

Simply acknowledging that we are an inter-dependent and inter-related part of this multi-dimensional living field opens us into the direct experience with our greater Self and Creation once again. But we must have the ‘sense of Self’ – that part of us that has what we imagine and the inner sight that has us see beyond the old reality that we were born into – ‘be real’.

We are reality builders.

Einstein said that you cannot solve the problem in the reality within which it was created.
We can release the old reality of separation and build realities of unity. By using the values of care, love, empathy, wholeness etc. we can build with Creation a greater reality of our new story of life.




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Because until we have the broader expanded nature of what is now becoming our reality, we will not be a part of it. We will be just like the two dimensional cartoon character where we are not able to experience anything beyond two dimensional as real.

Building on the work done to create a bridge between the Spirit and Flesh, I will be guiding you into a deeper connection and experience of your fully realized, expansive multi-dimensional reality. We currently live in a world with limited scope, like a ‘2D’ world, where everything is flat. In the Dimensional Activation you will be given the tools to expand your consciousness to encompass a broader, more fully realized reality.

What does it mean to be ‘Multi-Dimensional’?

Multi-Dimensional simply means MORE.

MORE Experience.

MORE Feeling.

MORE of what connects you to LIFE and has you EXIST as WHOLE,

in CONNECTION with Creation

and your own Original Design.

Join the Live Dimensional Activation

Dimensional Activations are live via teleseminar, held on the second Wednesday of every month. I recommend you listen live for the full energetic experience.

Next Live Dimensional Activation is August 9th, 2017 at 5pm PST. Click the button below to register.

You can also listen to Previous Dimensional Activations by downloading the audios from the shop.

If you can’t make the live calls you can access all the previous Dimensional Activations by downloading the audios from the shop. I am a Cellular Empath and my skill and ability is to clear any blocks  and ‘activate’ a rememberance within your cellular memory that allows you to open up into more. When I set the space for an Activation to occur it is beyond time and space so the power of the Activation continues infinitum. No matter when you listen to the Activation it will always tap back into the power and energy created in the original live event.


“I have been listening to the past Dimensional Activations these last days and I was again amazed by the power of them, the beauty of your “being here with us in this time”, and how precious this has been for me in remembering who I am. I honour you for this and I honour your body for holding those beautiful life-enhancing energies. “
– Melinka –