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  1. Mary Pat Mengato
    8th June 2023 @ 7:07 pm

    I listened to your FB video about Tethering Ireland and was on the call on June 7 on the webcast with just audio. I am feeling called to be a tether for the Ireland work, but am not clear at all on how and when any training for this happens. I thought that was going to be explained on the call. I didn’t realize that the call was
    going to end when it did and had just sent in a question about that right before you closed the call.
    I struggled with saying yes to this for the last couple of days since I already have particularly heavy commitments that I don’t want to back out of during that time in June, but I am assuming that creation will work it out to be
    possible for me to do this, since I keep getting a yes to this calling. I will send in the tithe on PayPal and if I find that timing to do this just can’t work for some reason I am glad to contribute to this work and will certainly hold all in support.


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