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What We Did For Love


Love is not just an emotion. It is our DNA. Love is not just random experience. It is the very foundation of our health and happiness. It is in truth the only thing that is ours. We human being have sought love through connections outside of us and sometimes been bitterly disappointed and sometimes well rewarded. But that is not where love exists. You were always the ones who brought love to the table. Love is yours regardless of what called it to the surface. That is what there is to honor. Your Love.

I did a recording for several people who are challenged by incredible losses around love. I recorded because what I care about is that their love does not die and what they brought to the relationship whether it was a partnership relationship or a guru relationship, how the brightness of life was increased because of their love. Love heals all. Love reweaves our reality into a reality of unity. Love is what binds us together as a human family. We have talked about forgiveness, repenting, judgment, protecting…but none of that matters if we just work hard in any way we can to keep ‘our’ love alive.

The written edited and added to the version of the recording.

If you would like to listen to the audio click here.

When I was a little girl, I had the opportunity to exist until I was around three years old in a reality of unity. It was right here on this Earth. It was in my connection to my dolls, to my dog, to my kitty. It was right here on Earth. It was when I was eight months old. Then I remember pulling myself up cause there was light outside that I now know were my windows. It was right there. I wasn’t separate from it. And it wasn’t separate from me. The only thing in that reality I found confusing was the taller people -didn’t know they were people at the time – who came to take care of me. They seemed disconnected.

And then one day, I got into my mother’s mind. And although I was only three years old, I knew that something was terribly wrong. In that brief moment of seeing through her eyes, I saw the world from a whole different place. Painful, frightened, but the worst part was my world slipped away. Everything but its memory.

This year, I’ll be seventy-two years old. Sixty-nine years later, and I’m grateful for those years because that memory was of a reality. It wasn’t a memory of a people. It was about a reality. So, my entire life I have been fighting my way back to that memory. I knew it could live here, and that it did: in Nature, in the Elements, sometimes inside us.

As I got older and became wizened in my otherworldly ways, I realized that someday, humanity would have to realize that people are not the problem. There seem to be two realities that have woven their ways into this place. One reality operates consistently with the planet Herself: all life operates on behalf of all life. There were smaller units of life and larger units of life, all in unity with each other, and they all make up this extraordinary texture, sound, visual environment of Creation.

It actually seemed that the only place that had become damaged was a human being.

Oh yeah, I know the story…

“We fell from Grace. We’re working out karma”

I just disagree.

Because there is not one human being that doesn’t walk out the door of their home, and at some moment pause to look at the sunset, or stand under the stars, or turn to kiss the forehead of their child, regardless of what they’re about to do during their day.


Has something corrupted the integral Design of this species?

I think so.

But I don’t want to get into that today…

2018 is a year, like no other year, maybe in all of human history.

It’s all about L.O.V.E.

We’ve learned through vibrational awareness that L.O.V.E can be experienced as tragedy, as trauma, as addictive need, as co-dependency, or as unconditional and eternal depending on the level of frequency you vibrate in.


But what is our Design?

Isn’t our Design to L.O.V.E. without measure?

To have our L.O.V.E. not conditioned in any manner, even if we don’t know how to express it unconditionally. It doesn’t matter. We know inside. We know inside who we are. We know that our greatest desire is to experience L.O.V.E.

I know that this conversation isn’t for everybody. There could be plenty of people that are not interested in love anymore. But I am and I believe others are.

This Is For You… Hold On, Hold On To L.OV.E. Nobody Can Take That Away From You. No Evil, No Human, Nothing Can Take Your L.O.V.E Away from You.

This unity-lateral, inseparable dominion of connection I once swam in I later realized was what we call L.O.V.E. Do you know that in a reality of unity, L.O.V.E. never dies. It is Life Opening up into the Vibration of the Eternal. And the eternal never dies.

I also learned that there is a boundary-marker. It’s actually a psychic boundary-marker. “Psychic” comes from the word “Psyche” – which means “the Mind of the Soul.” A blockage in our mind between the mind of our soul and our human mind. “There be demons there!” an old evangelist preacher once told me.

I went through this many years ago, through this boundary-marker. It has very clear parameters. You can think of it in an electrical sense. The shock of it is so severe, it could collapse you forever. There are unsavory natures at that boundary-marker. They have three names: One is Betrayal; the other one is Rejection; the other one is Abandonment.

When I hit that shock-field… Yes, there were circumstances that precluded that moment…I knew I had a choice. I could fall victim to the betrayal of another human being, someone I loved. I could fall victim to the rejection of all my ideals that lived in the love of that human being. I could fall victim to the threat that love would abandon me.

I wouldn’t have it.

But it wasn’t easy.

It took me about two years of rigor, but I was not going to give up my L.O.V.E. Not the objective, the object of my love. The objective, the object of my love was gone. I was not going to give up L.O.V.E. itself.

My L.O.V.E.

It Was My L.O.V.E. That I Was Not Going to Abandon.

It Was My L.O.V.E That I Was Not Going to Reject.

And It Was My L.O.V.E. That I Was Not Going to Betray.


We say so flippantly, we don’t know why we love a person, and then we spend… What is it? CENTURIES!… trying to figure out if it was a good love or a bad love. But that’s not L.O.V.E.

That Idea of Love is all gathered inside a reality of separation where we’re constantly fear being abandoned; fear being betrayed, fear being rejected. That fear underlies everything where we have been separated from unity with Creation.

When I was twenty-seven years old, my five-year-old boy, Jeremy, went into a coma for five days. He was on life-support. A Christian Science practitioner was there with me. We took a walk outdoors one day. Boy, did I hate God at that moment. I hated life. My love for my child was tearing me apart. I wanted it over, the pain, the anguish, what looked like years of unrelenting sorrow. I spit all this out at her.

I said, “This life is nothing more than that ugly, ugly sky.”

Storm clouds were rolling in everywhere.

She looked at me and smiled. And she said, “Then look higher”

I did.

And there were blue skies through the dark black turmoil.

I never forgot that.


Combining that experience and others. Years of exploration of the what restores unity in a human system. It was always L.O.V.E.  I have seen as people repair their systems, their capacity for L.O.V.E. increases. Some people now understand that different realities exist at difference oscillating frequencies of energy and that L.O.V.E. is sustained and maintained in those higher frequencies. Some of us have discovered that in those higher vibrations that haven’t become personified, objectified, L.O.V.E.  cannot be destroyed and is the very fabric of Creation.

I took two years claiming my own love. Not only claiming my own love, but my right to give my love wherever love might find me…regardless of circumstance…regardless of what looks like betrayal, abandonment, or rejection.

I made it through the boundary marker between the reality of separation I was born into to the other side where realities of unity still flourish.

And in that unity with all life, Nothing Takes Away My L.O.V.E.                                                                                                        NOTHING.

I talked to someone who I L.O.V.E. very much last night. Their heart is broken. They have clearly in human terms, been betrayed. They have clearly in human terms been rejected. And in one of the most horrible ways I’ve ever heard, they’ve also been abandoned.

They said to me,

“I can’t stop loving them.”

And I said:

“Nor should you.”

And I shared that my whole life I had transformed and transformed… until Betrayal, Abandonment and Rejection Had No Home in Me.


2018: We are in a paradox right now. It would seem there is a reality that we were born into, and that, yes, we adapted to. A reality would have us trash love. If some of you made it so far in this reading or recording, you may be one of those who trashed love and maybe now reconsidering.

But what I have seen in the last few weeks is chilling.

In relationships that never had a problem, suddenly one of the partners abandons, betrays, and rejects the other partner in violent ways, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. It got my attention. It really got my attention. Then I started seeing it in small spiritual communities. It may even see it around me. Who knows. I started seeing the people who had stood for L.O.V.E; people who had been fighting for the Rights of others to love; the Way Showers; some who had dedicated their entire lives to the hope that humanity could remember. I saw it start to happen to them: this kick, this hit. This attempt to destroy L.O.V.E.

Realities are active fields they fight for their existence, just like a human being does. And what infested this world, has been fighting for sovereignty here.  And it has one mission and one mission only: To Destroy L.O.V.E.


You can stay barbaric and ignorant and stuck in the black tar of ‘it’s all about people”, but it isn’t.

When YOU start to reclaim the rights to your love and to love again, L.O.V.E. can live again, and the realities of unity will thrive here once more. Some of you were trained by the best. It is my considered opinion that where people worked hard to get to a place of L.O.V.E., a wave of destruction is trying to take those places of L.O.V.E. down whether individually or collectively. I know. It has been happening for a long time. It has simply reached a peak now because restoring and, within it, realities of unity. We are needed more than ever right now to cherish our L.O.V.E. regardless of the backlash around it.

It’s the other thing I’ve gotten to see on my journey…

I’ve watched a human being even gain divine status, begin to experience themselves as one with all of Creation and hold that field for others.

Wouldn’t you think they’re a prime target?

Don’t you think there would be an advantage to destroy them and in that destroy the L.O.V.E those that had learned from them had been given?

It is why I why I have always stood on behalf of Masters. And I have never abandoned them. And I’ve never betrayed them. And I’ve never rejected them because I too have felt the ‘hit’ when I go be there for others. I too have seen people’s love for me be destroyed. It is a revealing moment.


I got: Not my business. What others do with their L.O.V.E. is their business, not mine.

My business is To Restore a Reality of Unity That Exists Here, And in Every Human Being.

And We Are At That Epicenter Of What We Have Been All Been Working For Who Have Lived In The Name Of L.O.V.E. We Are Now The Ones Who Must Claim L.O.V.E. Our Own L.O.V.E. And Our Right to It.

What I did for L.O.V.E.: Sometimes it was valuable. Sometimes it was even very good. Sometimes it was foolish. A lot of times my L.O.V.E.  fell short. I stay a constant new learner because of L.O.V.E.Below is a transcription of a conversation I recorded for those who are in the activity of love and the challenge of love before us. If you would rather listen to the audio click here.Is The Very Substance That This Species Was Designed To Exist As the Embodiment Of. It Is Not Outside Of Us Anywhere. It Is Our DNA.


2018 is a rough year for those of us who have lived in the Name of L.O.V.E., and for those of you who have lived in the Name of L.O.V.E without even realizing it.

All Those Aspects of Us Where L.O.V.E. Felt Abandoned. It’s Ours to Reclaim Now.

All Those Relationships That Hurt Because We Felt the Electrical Shock Of The Reality Of Separation razor Into Us like Barbwire. It’s Time To Not Have It Matter. It’s Time to Just Make It Past The Boundary. To Take the Shock, To Take hit of the Barbwire and Keep Walking… Until L.O.V.E Lives In Us Again, L.O.V.E and Its Rights, L.O.V.E. Wherever We Find It.


So Today is March 25th, 2018.

Even as a mystic, as a seer and as an otherworldly human, there is still a very real little old lady living on top of a hill who has walked this walk for many years. I chose human love. Even the gods know its power.

I Wish us luck… L.O.V.E. It is all coming to a head now. It’s up to us. We’re the ones who live here. We’re the ones that L.O.V.E. lives in.