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  1. Kate Sherman
    18th January 2018 @ 3:18 pm

    Well, I’m half way through this blog post on 2018-2019, and I’m both opened and confirmed! Thank you for your gifts of seeing and knowing. Thank you for encouraging Love.

    My guidance lately has been for months telling me simply to love myself completely and to assist others in doing the same. (Could a mission be so simple & enjoyable?)

    Professionally, I work in coherence techniques of touch and language- I practice Shiatsu and Life Counseling.

    I do love my life. Yet I struggle with anger and dismay with the ongoing rape & poisoning of the land water & air by industries of fossil fuel greed in my local region Western PA. This feels to me like the paradigm of separation that wishes still to hold power.

    Thank you for receiving this message.

    I met you years ago, before I started a family, at a women’s group led by Dr. Pat Jameson in Pittsburgh. The experience changed my life for the truer.

    Participating with you now via Facebook and this blog and the Fields.

    Thank you again.


  2. Zanubia
    20th January 2018 @ 6:34 am

    Tantra- this transmission moved me into the intimate precious and very real experience of the love I know I have for myself – the earthly temporal and the infinite spirit. I vastly appreciate the journey of LOVE this Field is making in 2018 and that I am of it. Namaste!


    • creation
      28th August 2018 @ 5:52 pm

      You going to be able to meet us in Glastonbury for Spiral Building?


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