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Your Journey

We invite you to imagine, for a moment…


That your thoughts were life-enhancing and no longer life-defeating. That every time you dreamed of a better way of existing  you weren’t knocked down by old modes of thinking.

Your Journey
Your Journey


That the anxiety you constantly feel in the pit of your stomach- sometimes for no apparent reason- no longer had power over you so you could move forward in life…


That when you reach out to connect with another, you didn’t pull back, close off, shut them out, in fear or in expectation of being hurt.Instead you were safe.

Your Journey
Your Journey


That the wall you can’t seem to climb over- the one that stops you from being more than you know you are-was no longer there…


If the traumas, beliefs, conditionings that seem to be dragging you back into a place you know you don’t belong; were put to rest. 

Giving you the space to be who you really are.

Your Journey

without all these barriers,
what could your life really be like?

Your Obstacle

“There is no self to understand, only the thought that creates the self.” 

-J. Krishnamurti

You cannot change yourself or the world around you through actions of will or even the desire for self-improvement. This, we believe, is a fundamental truth. Only through being present to your thoughts, emotions and what you truly crave.

You may have tried positive thinking and affirmations but found that your life didn’t really change much; those old habitual thoughts still bubble up from somewhere deep inside – holding you back from truly being free. And the world tells us in a thousand tiny ways that we are not enough, that this is just the way life is but there is a part of you that this just doesn’t fit with.

Habitual Modes

Interestingly, it is what you think and the way you think that can get in the way of your natural ability to create and grow. Your thoughts are incredibly potent and form your experience of the world around you. They connect to your emotions and develop into behaviors, mind-sets, habits and beliefs.

Over time your habitual modes of thinking – which manifest as language and form – become cemented within the neural networks of your brain, like water flowing over rocks for thousands of years, they carve ruts in our neural networks; ruts which we find difficult to escape. They become our paths of least resistance, our ways of thinking, of feeling, and creating. They are our way of having, doing and being in the world.

What if there was a way that changed your thoughts and feelings so that they supported a new way of existing that was elevating, even exhilarating?

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”

– Carl Jung

What if I could break-free of my 
self-limiting beliefs, thoughts and trauma?

What would happen if I could access
all of my innate capacities?

What would I create?
Who would I be?

Your Next Steps

The practices and techniques that we offer have been designed to help you to overcome these ingrained patterns, to step into new ground and find new ways of moving forward through life. These practices are like keys to doors; unlocking each door opens you up into more and more of you, into deeper and wider recesses of internal and external resource.

swirl75The Invitation

We invite you to make a quantum leap out of the field of the known, and into the unknown.

To discover who you truly are, beyond personality…

beyond internal or external authority…

beyond thought.

To re-connect to your own creative life-force.

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