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A New Journey with Creation:

Rematrixing My Digital Sanctuary

In a world of evolving energies and shifting paradigms, I am embarking on a new journey with Creation. Recognizing the need for harmonious and interconnected futures, I am working to rematrix my website.

What is Changing?

This website is transforming into a digital sanctuary, an etheric webbing where the essence of my work converges with the rising new realities of unity. While I already offer:

- Personal engagements

- Personal activations

- A monthly collective activation

- A monthly collective gathering

*If you are part of Your Magician of Self, you have different links-do not schedule from the links above.

The new space will better represent and provide other accesses to your development, yet to be posted. Who you are as a unique and essential being who carries new threads of existence that transmute past and present traumas into vital life forces of unity and coherence is rising. The best place ever to be.

My Vision

Drawing on the principles of tantra and maat, I intend to infuse this new digital matrix with the subtle, non-physical aspects of existence. As always, my work as Tantra Maat emphasizes:

- Interconnectedness

- The flow of energy

- Unseen forces that shape our reality

Everything I am, do and have is to support new matrices of unity rising. Now, it's my website's turn to embody this vision more fully.

During the Transition

As I enhance this digital space, I invite you to embrace two essential states of existence:

  1. Everything is part of everything else, operating on behalf of everything else, in relationship with everything else, and moving together into the next greater whole.
  2. Everything is always in tandem deconstructing and constructing, collapsing and expanding, coming into existence and going out of existence, continuously evolving into greater wholes.

An Invitation

As I, Tantra, breathe new life into this digital matrix, I invite you to continue seeking coherence and being part of a collective evolution. Let us write a new story together, whether here or elsewhere. This website is being reset as a vibrant space that supports your journey of Being through greater coherence and interconnectedness. There are more of us that you might realize inspiring me to continue with what is mine to do and to be…just like you.

Stay Connected

I'm excited to share this evolving space with you. My offerings continue as usual, and to stay updated on the website's progress:

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Thank you for your patience and support as I align my digital presence with the rhythms of Creation. Together, we are weaving new realities of unity and coherence as what goes out of existence gives its energy to what is coming into existence. What is collapsing is giving its energy to what is expanding. What is deconstructing is giving its energy to what is constructing. What better time to be the magic of new creations!

Tantra Maat


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