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Who are you? In 2024, you have the opportunity for in-depth work with your Magician of Self - beginning the month of February 2024. You are welcome to register at any time.

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Tantra's latest book, You as the Mind of Creation, is now published on Amazon!!

This is a study and a workbook for you to develop your mind of
creation - not, in any manner, casual reading. Human beings have
moved into their own ability to self-develop and become ‘Self’ aware.
It is in that knowing that these books have been written. Enjoy!  Click here to purchase


Tantra's latest short book, Have Them - Be - Not Afraid, is now published!

You are about to read what it was like for a woman to be given a prophecy, actually the second in two years. You’ll read her experience of receiving that prophecy 30 years before the events unfolded. You’ll read what that prophecy is.

Click here to purchase


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