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Tantra's latest book, You as the Mind of Creation, is now published on Amazon!!

This is a study and a workbook for you to develop your mind of
creation - not, in any manner, casual reading. Human beings have
moved into their own ability to self-develop and become ‘Self’ aware.
It is in that knowing that these books have been written. Enjoy!  Click here to purchase


I AM ...

A Seer
A Mystic
A Prophetess
A Cellular Empath
A Facilitator of Consciousness...

I live the culture of a seer, a mystic, and a prophetess, a once respected and essential aspect of many life-enhancing and life-generating civilizations. I am now home in the mystical realms of New Mexico to be part of these years of human evolution where these deep traditions of connections with the Earth and the Cosmos still have a home.

We are in the times when our human system is being reunited with the unified fields of Creation. This reunification opens human beings back into realities of unity that have until NOW existed in obscurity in the realities of separation, that we were born into. This separation type of reality is deconstructing, collapsing, and going out of existence. This reality we have been embedded in has had human beings driven away from themselves, others, life...NO MORE.  The paradise of which we are a part but have not been able to register until NOW is awakening in our struggle for languaging experiences we are presently having as a body, as a mind, and as a spirit.

This NOW-centric work involves restoring unified fields both within ourselves and with others that open us up into our individual and shared destiny. New contours of reality are emergent NOW. We are building within our minds and in our ‘sounds’ whether speaking, singing, sounding, and listening dimensional comprehension through our individual language of creation - often referred to as a Language of Light.

At 3 years old, I knew that I would be part of the future I saw ahead though I had no words or understanding.  Now, for over a half century of my life, I have accurately predicted the challenges of awakening in humankind. As a cellular and geopathic empath, I have tracked the unfolding of the consciousness of humankind to this epic moment. Beginning in 2011, I dug in and created a living field of unity within which humankind could get a living experience of the realm of unity now unfolding in the chaos of dying systems of a fragmented reality. My purpose in providing what I provide is to open human beings up into a living experience of what a human being is designed to be - a magnificent expression of the unity of spirit/flesh, matter/energy, alchemical/biochemical, mortal/immortal. A human being is designed to exist as part of paradise.

This is humankind’s time to awaken beyond the social, biological, and cultural limitations of these times.  I as well as others, and in shared fields of humans gathering, are designed to actualize the activity of this awakening.

I work with joy and wonder as an expression of Creation to open up into the ancient arts that exist in unity with Creation.  To BE alive NOW is to have a powerful moment in our NOW destiny. The awakening of the human body accompanied by the human personality as an expression of Creation is my skill and my mindset.

Therefore I came...and am now in the joy of my existence.  Together, there are those who are ‘remembering’ and ‘recalling’ the original design that human beings were designed to me. This  is happening in human consciousness at in the cellular, molecular, atomic structures of reality at a daily level.


My Night Sky Story

Listen to my Night Sky Story that explains my Birth Template. Recorded on April 5th, 2015 it is read and created by astrologer Claudia Johnson.

The Story Behind My Name

I received my name from Fungi, a dolphin that visits us, humans, in Dingle Bay, Ireland. You can read about our encounter in An Irish Tale of a Modern Mystic, my first published book. When I heard the name Tantra Maat, I had no idea what the name represented or why after four years of avoiding the name, I felt compelled to take it.

Over those four years, I would share with people from time to time what had happened. I often received emails explaining why they saw that Fungi had given me that name. I was guided to Damanhur, Italy, and the Temple for Humankind where I discovered they hold dolphins to be part of humankind. These synchronicities and deeper realms of Creation has guided me and been a part of me all my life. I have been in the territory of Creation since birth sharing an element of its mind and its consciousness as all beings are designed to do. NOW others are rising into their Minds of Creation, their deeper realms that are calling them, as they are discovering themselves as territories of Creation...what I have in the past referred to as Field Beings being Fields in the unified Field of All Creation."

I am here.

I am ready.

Let's play.

Read the whole story here

Fungi the Dolpin